UX Research Kickoff Workshop


During this 1h - 1.5h workshop researchers (or product managers) can gather and prioritise stakeholder questions around the challenge to tackle. This will help them scope the next research study, and add impact to the team and organisation.

When to use it:

Researchers are often overwhelmed with study requests or questions from teams. This workshop helps them align stakeholders, filter and prioritise research requests in order to identify the most important questions to focus on next.

How does it work:

The workshop consists of five steps:

1. What do we know?

Listing all previous knowledge about the challenge

2. How certain are we?

Understanding where those learnings come from and how strong is the evidence

3. What else do we want to know?

Gathering all remaining open questions

4. When do we need this info?

Mapping when teams need answers to those questions

5. What's the risk?

Mapping the level of risk if we proceed without those answers

The result is an overview of research questions / requests prioritised based on timeline and impact, which serves as baseline to scope the next research study.


Maria Hock image
Maria Hock
Lead Researcher & Designer
Maria Hock is a strategic designer and researcher with experience working across industries, both in-house and as a consultant. She has created digital products and services with brands like N26, TIER Mobility, Philips, Allianz and others.

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