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Product development

Moving engineering, product, and design from vision to reality
"Being able to bring everyone together to plan in Miro ultimately means that the most impactful initiatives will happen at the right time – and customers will get the functionality they want." Lucy Starling, Product Operations Lead at ASOS
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"Miro helps solve one of the major gaps in product design: how to manage tasks across product designers whose projects are in different tools.” Jane Ashley, Head of Design at DocuSign
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“Miro really enabled us to scale design thinking at speed by embedding a set of tools and templates. What we see is squads working on their own, applying design thinking without any support.” Luke Pittar, Innovation and Design Thinking Coach for Sustainability at TWG
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CD Projekt Red
“Teams use Miro boards for retrospectives so we can grow and adapt. Without capturing insights and ideas from each sprint, we couldn’t track our progress between sprint sessions.” Damian Milczarek, Agile Coach and Scrum Master at CD PROJEKT RED
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Digital workplace

Shaping the future of work experience
“To be truly innovative, everyone needs to have a voice, and everyone needs to be able to iterate on each other’s ideas. Miro has made that possible for us.” Brian Ciccotelli, Learning Experience Designer at HP
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“As we move into a more hybrid environment, Miro is going to help us bridge the connection between conversations that happen within the four walls of the office and people outside of the room.” Kymberly Lippy, Senior Manager for Consumer Experience at Under Armour
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“Miro is used to align teams cross-functionally within the organization and has helped to improve productivity. It fosters interactive conversations, collaboration, and supports Z Energy’s Agile ways of working.” Stacey Day, Ways of Working Coach at Z Energy
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"We use Miro for everything. We hold our meetings in Miro and then will draw in other tools and use them in the context of Miro because of that collaboration ability." Helen Lea, Chief Employee Experience Officer and Government Policy Lead at MYOB
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Client work

Enabling consultants, agencies, and freelancers win the market
“At Deloitte Greenhouse we facilitate sessions with our clients in order to identify and solve complex challenges. Miro allows us and our clients to collaborate on a digital scale whether people are in the same room or at a distance.” Jeroen Huizer, Greenhouse Manager and Business Chemistry Lead at Deloitte
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"Miro helps to reduce the burden of communicating a concept, keeps a visual record of ideation, and serves as a mechanism for expediting onboarding of new collaborators.” Jorge Peña, Vice President of Digital Solutions at PTC
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“Miro enables intive to generate more value for clients because it brings people from various disciplines together in one place. Client stakeholders, design teams, and developers can achieve their unique goals at the same time.” Michael Ehrnböck, Principal Designer at intive
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“We had to collect and display ideas from 800 attendees at an event in just 3 hours. We were able to collect ideas from multiple points and attractively display them to the whole audience. We were also left with an asset that we could continue to use.” Gary Wilson, Product and Service Innovation Specialist at Atkins

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