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Product development teams
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“Miro has helped us work across multiple sites around
the world and has enabled us to be far more productive
than before.”

Richard Davidson, Agile Project Manager
“We were struggling with sharing large design artifacts
like Journey Maps, because 70% of folks who needed
to see them were remote. Now we have every Upworker
able to use Miro.”

Shipra Kayan, Director, Product Design Research
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“Miro has successfully helped us ship multiple large-scale product releases. Now we can decide on design changes quicker, enabling us to ship 20% faster. The technology industry moves fast, and that extra 20% speed allows us
to stay ahead of our competition.”

Kevin Yang, Product Manager
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In terms of ROI, Miro pays for itself in about 2 weeks
(half a month’s travel costs), so it’s a “no brainer”
as we like to call it.

Bob Mullaly, Chief Data Scientist

Enterprise companies embrace digital transformation to stay competitive

“Miro provides a great experience. I've been able to customize templates for my projects, and I really like the complete open flexibility to create any board possible.”

George Metrick, Social Media Listening Consultant
“Miro is fast becoming an enabler with in Qlik R&D, facilitating our growing need for cross-geo collaboration and helping us to tap into our collective wisdom and talent.”

Tom Kealey, Agile Coach
“As project manager at Solvay Business Services
we need to collaborate with teams across the globe.
With the usage of Miro this allowed us to create more value in a shorter period of time in every opportunity
we have.”

Tiago Pereira, Regional Project Manager EMEA

Consulting firms help their
clients to win the market

“At SapientNitro Australia, we use Miro to enable
multiple designers to collaborate on the same ideas
at the same time and to take input and then feedback
from a broader cross-functional team that spans
the organization.”

Andrew Wight, Associate Creative Director
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“Miro is so easy to use, so flexible, and allows me to collaborate with people remotely in a way I thought
was only possible in person. Google Apps meets Keynote
meets Illustrator.”

Tom Kealey, Agile Coach
“We had to collect and display ideas from 800 attendees
at an event in just 3 hours. We were able to collect ideas
from multiple points and attractively display them to
the whole audience. We were also left with an asset that
we could continue to use.”

Gary Wilson, Product and Service Innovation Specialist
“We used to rely on emails and Google Docs. Now the way we’ve got our boards set up means you can get a quick overview of the development of a project and track comments easily.”

Vicke Cheung, Graphic Designer
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