Contribute to the future of teamwork

Miro is more than just a product. We are reshaping the future of teamwork
The best tools for the best teams
Miro, formerly RealtimeBoard, is a visual collaboration platform for cross-functional team collaboration. We help UX designers, product managers, and Agile Coaches/Scrum Masters around the world work effectively in a team to create something outstanding.
With 300% year-on-year growth and 2.2 million users globally, Miro is scaling rapidly and looking for smart, creative folks to join the team.
We invest a lot of time and resources into hiring talented people and creating an environment for collaboration and growth. This helps us build a product that customers love and a company that's full of passionate people.
office hubs in the US, the Netherlands, and Russia
Each team member has a T-shirt with a personal number that represents when the employee joined the team. But don't get the wrong idea. At Miro, it doesn't matter if you wear a T-shirt with the number 78 or the number 2; everyone's contribution is extremely valuable.
We are building a team of people who really care
We don't think company culture is abstract—it's a set of actionable values that helps us achieve our goals faster and avoid conflicts. Our company values help guide us to make the right decisions and strengthen our relationships with our colleagues.
Everyone can make a big impact
All Miro employees in the United States, the Netherlands, and Australia participate equally in building our platform — and our company. Any employee can offer new features, improve internal processes, and influence the company's strategy.
Be a part of a community
We regularly host meetups, hackathons and workshops on service design, analytics, Agile management, and product development. On June 2018, we organized the first-ever "Reshaping teamwork" meetup in San Francisco and look forward to creating a regular series of events to promote better collaboration on distributed teams.
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