Engineering Team

Miro’s Engineering team is driven by curiosity, collaborative problem solving, and a deep desire to provide best-in-class technical solutions for Miro’s millions of users. It isn’t about an independent vision, it’s about working collectively to build a product that’s cutting-edge, complex, and beloved.

  • Build complex software as a leader in the category

    • We’re working on something new and complex, and developing it fast. We’ve scaled quickly to 70 million users, so staying relevant for our customers means releasing new features while keeping the base running smoothly.

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  • Iterate on functionality of a globally beloved tool

    • Miro’s user base is as diverse as it is global in reach. Curiosity combined with a commitment to build highly functional software enables us to make a positive impact for both fellow Mironeers and our users, whether they’re small businesses or entire governments.

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  • Be part of a collaborative Engineering culture

    • Miro doesn’t just help over 70 million users collaborate on ideas and solve problems: it’s also the foundation of how we work in our Engineering teams every day. From running retrospectives, to process mapping, and cross-stream collaboration, Miro powers our own collaborative ecosystem.

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  • Share in a collective vision of a better future of work

    • As engineers at Miro, we build a product that allows users to create the next big thing and we try to do this by shipping value to customers ever faster, at high quality. Our vision is collective, never independent: We’re a part of a greater organization, supporting the Miro and Product Engineering visions and the ways our customers work in this new hybrid space.

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As an engineer, you get to focus on building tooling to extend Miro into the communication ecosystem. You’re a key part of our engineering team, committed to refining and enhancing technology that can make collaboration in any hybrid setup seamless.


Ashwini Dhananjeyan

Engineering Manager

Miro’s engineering tech stack

The tools we use

  • java.c795c5a5 1
  • kotlin.9be44dc9
  • nodejs.9b94680f
  • typescript.7d06b1be
  • reactjs.d6db0b63
  • aws.fc751c41 1
  • postfresql.440d3732
  • kubernetes.477afa22

Find an Engineering role at Miro

Discover your next step

Explore our development tracks

As a member of Miro’s Engineering team, you’ll embark on one of two continuous growth tracks:

  • Team IC

    Individual contributor

    As a Customer Experience IC, you will: Be a hands-on contributor, proactively helping teams achieve customer value Storyline and work strategically to achieve customer-driven outcomes Collaborate with teams across Miro to improve our product, architecture, and Customer Experience practice Mentor less experienced members of the team

  • Team People mngr

    People Manager

    As a Engineering Manager, you will:

    • Build and lead a team of engineers, including people management, hiring, and process development
    • Be a hands-on role model who is technically strong to help their team develop
    • Develop a plan to achieve OKRs on time and with excellent outcomes, closely collaborating with other teams to align on dependencies
ENG - learn how we work

Learn how we work

Our Engineering team consists of highly skilled, deeply experienced engineers all over the world, from Amsterdam to Berlin to Yerevan.

Through hub rituals and team processes designed for Miro’s hybrid work strategy, Miro Together, we live our collaborative values.

Prepare for your Engineering interviews

Find out what you can expect during the interview process.

  • 01. Recruiter Screen

    A 30-min interview to discuss the role, background and experience, and learn more about your motivation to join Miro.

  • 02. Live Coding

    Tackle algorithmic challenges in real-time to show your problem-solving skills, coding proficiency, and analytical thinking.

  • 03. Systems Design

    A conversation to assess your ability to architect scalable and efficient solutions, using system components and design principles.

  • 04. Miro Behaviors

    For this stage you will meet with your peers and/or team members. We will ask you evidence based questions related to both our Miro values and behaviours.

  • 05. Leadership Round

    Meet a member of the leadership team to discuss Miro’s company values and share your vision for success at Miro. 

At Miro, every team member participates in every stage of developing a new feature. You’re engaged in the process from brainstorming to analyzing the results of a new feature, regardless of your role in the team.


Yulia Mustaeva

Software Engineer

Engineering streams

We ensure the Miro platform is optimized to drive business success by improving user acquisition, activation, retention, and monetization metrics across all plans.

We ensure we provide resilient, high-performing, self-recovering, right-sized solutions for Miro's internal and external consumers, enabling data-informed decision-making and intelligent collaboration.

We build out, experiment, and scale use cases to ensure anyone using Miro can find solutions to their business processes.

We make the Canvas the central place for teams to connect and converge on all projects, allowing them to seamlessly move between stages of work.

We create building blocks to deliver new solutions faster and introduce new modalities to support expanding work more deeply into definition and delivery.

We empower rapid product innovation for internal and external customers by providing the building blocks to create reliable systems, services, and a great developer experience.

We ensure that even the most highly regulated organizations can feel empowered to deploy Miro across any business process.

We enable the business to win customers and build long-term trust by implementing innovative, state-of-the-art security and inspiring our people to embrace it.

We empower Miro teams to co-create the Next Big Thing with high speed and quality by ensuring consistent and scalable processes.

Team comp and bene

Compensation and benefits

Our benefits are competitive, robust, and tailored to fit life in each of our hub cities. When you’re a Mironeer, you qualify for:

  • Competitive base salary and equity package
  • A generous pension program and health insurance coverage
  • Catered lunch and snacks at your hub office
  • Ongoing professional development opportunities and access to a learning budget to foster your growth

Our rituals

Each team is empowered to come up with their own rituals to ensure alignment and efficiency across the organization. Here are a few ways we work together:

  • Front-end and back-end syncs

    Front-end and back-end guild meetings to help us sync on initiatives and problems.

  • Hackathons

    Cross-functional hackathons to push us to innovate, ideate, experiment, and improve our company and product.

  • All-Hands meetings

    All-Hands meetings to share news and learnings, celebrate wins, and make connections.

  • Community meetups

    Engineering meetups to encourage us to keep networking and learning.

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