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We work together across time zones, from 12 different hub cities, coming together across background, experience, and identity to form one unified team.

From Amsterdam to Austin to Berlin to Yerevan and beyond: No matter where you live, working at Miro means you’re changing the future of work.

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Miro Together: Hybrid strategy

Our best work happens when we build strong working relationships with each other. We believe that we can blend in-person and remote co-creation with flexible, deep work for an experience that meets the needs of both the company and Mironeers.

For these reasons, we remain committed to a hub-centric, hybrid working model that we call Miro Together.

12 hubs around the world and beyond

Co-create in real time, move ideas forward, and continue the conversation after the meeting is done - in one united space.

  • Amsterdam

    A buzzing, hyper-connected city that combines emerging tech, innovation, compelling architecture and one of the most exciting art scenes in the world. Our Miro campus sits close to the beautiful Vondelpark, and it’s home to our Sales & Customer Success, Marketing, and quickly growing AMPED teams.

  • Austin

    A vibrant city located in the heart of Texas, that’s as famous for its live music scene, cutting-edge tech and the best BBQ spots in the state. It’s the home base for our Sales & Success, Marketing, Operations, Analytics, Customer Experience, Product, Revenue Operations, and Operations & People teams.

  • Berlin

    Creative, cultural and edgy. Home to a thriving tech community, you’ll also find endless food options, a thumping club scene, inspiring galleries and museums, and plenty of green space to escape the city. It is the home to our Core Product teams, including Engineering, Product, Design and Analytics.

  • London

    Operate at the nexus of culture, history, and business. Our Fleet Street location allows our Sales, Customer Success, Product, Marketing, Engineering, Design, and People teams to provide exceptional service to our customers – and then celebrate with our Hub at the Pub tradition on Wednesdays.

  • Los Angeles

    Welcome to Miro Los Angeles. Located at The ROW in Downtown LA at the intersection of the Arts and Fashion Districts, our LA office boasts skyline views of the city with plenty of space for our Customer Experience, Finance, Marketing, People, Revenue Operations, and Sales teams to collaborate.

    Los Angeles
  • Munich

    Yoga on the roof, a tight-knit community, and a puppy-friendly office: Miro Munich is the work sanctuary you’ve been looking for. Nestled on the top floor, our Sales and Customer Success teams work in state-of-the-art facilities and host customers on-site, all with incredible views of the city.

  • New York

    Gaze out at the Empire State Building while you work to experiment and deliver new solutions. Our small hub in the heart of Midtown plays host to a diverse group of Mironeers who work on our Analytics, Customer Experience, Finance, Marketing, People, Revenue Operations, and Sales teams.

    New York
  • Paris

    Challenge yourself to new experiences and adventures in one of the most storied cities in the world.Here, the legendary Champs-Élysées is our view, meeting room, and playground, where our Sales and Customer Success teams partner with best-in-class customers to power the new future of work.

  • San Francisco

    Surrounded by culture, nightlife and iconic architecture. Take rooftop work calls, meet with colleagues on the garden patio, or catch a baseball game at Oracle Park stadium. It is home to our Analytics, Customer Experience, Finance, Marketing, People, Revenue Operations, Sales, and Software Engineering teams.

    San Francisco
  • Sydney

    Join us in Australia's most diverse and cosmopolitan city, in a hub with breathtaking views of Darling Harbour. Here, Customer Experience, Finance, Marketing, People, Revenue Operations, and Sales work and play in an office equipped with modern amenities, and toast a job well done on the rooftop.

  • Tokyo

    Work at the frontier of digital collaboration in a city that thrives at the intersection of ultramodern and traditional. Positioned in brand new facilities near the charming Hibiya Park and the historic Imperial Palace, Miro Tokyo is home to Customer Experience, Marketing, Revenue Operations, and Sales.

  • Yerevan

    Our newest office, in what is both Armenia’s largest metropolis and one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited cities. It’s a warm, hospitable and comfortable city with a gorgeous view of the mountains. Here you’ll find our Engineering, Product, Design, Customer Support, and People teams.


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