Who we are

We are dreamers, thinkers, builders, storytellers, engineers and designers: a team who are change-makers at heart.

We dream big, aim high, and let our failures inform our future successes. Our ongoing mission is to change the way the world collaborates, connects and shares ideas.

Who we are

Our communities

We are very proud of our Employee Resource Groups. These Mironeer-led spaces help foster a diverse, inclusive workplace, that’s aligned with our values and our collaborative mindsets.

With over 100 nationalities represented working from 12 hubs in 8 different countries, our global community flows beyond borders.

Our Values

Our values didn’t come out of an executive boardroom meeting, they were co-created by Mironeers across our organization.

These values are woven into everything we do, from what projects we take on, to how we give and receive feedback. They guide and push us further everyday. It’s how we work, innovate and grow.

  • Play as a team 
to win the world

    We work, learn and celebrate in collaboration rather than alone.

  • Focus on impact and make it happen

    We dream big, prioritize outcomes that matter most, and own our commitments.

  • Practice empathy
to gain insight

    We look from the perspective of customers, users, and each other, to deepen understanding.

  • Learn, grow and
drive change

    We reflect openly on our successes and failures and apply learnings for our work, team, and self-development.

How we work

How we work

Miro isn’t just our employer; it’s the connector that brings us together across time zones, regions, and cultures.

It’s the tool that powers our business and our everyday planning. In the words of our founder, Andrey Khusid, we aim to make a product worthy of love – and we love our product!

Through our onboarding process and our hub events and rituals, we create an inclusive and supportive workplace. Learning from each other to improve ourselves and the product. Our people are empowered to take their professional development to the next level.

Hub Events & Rituals

  • Newcomer Rituals

    Joining a new team can be challenging, so we work hard to make you feel like you belong (because you do) from day one. Newcomer rituals like Hub Tours and our yummy Newcomer Breakfast welcome you into the office and introduce you to our Culture Champions (these are Mironeers who embody our values in different ways).

    Newcomer Rituals
  • Hub Rituals

    Hub rituals create and maintain a sense of belonging, giving Mironeers additional opportunities to develop connections and support our Miro Together strategy (as an essential part of our Culture Days or in-hub days).

    Hub Rituals
  • Hub Social Events

    We offer company-wide and region-specific events for Mironeers to connect and socialize. These social events foster an environment where our team members feel they are part of a strong Mironeer community — not just a place to work. Past events include sport club events, paint nights, cocktail-making workshops, virtual game shows, cooking workshops, speed meets, cross-cultural RealTalks, ERG-sponsored events, and more.

    Hub Social Events
  • All Hands

    Stay informed about all the important news across functions and hubs. Hear from Sales, Marketing, Product, People, Ops, Customer Experience, and more. Each All Hands is followed by a Leadership team Ask Me Anything (AMA) with an opportunity to ask questions.

    All Hands
  • Functional rituals

    Each team has a set of regular meetings based on their rituals designed to encourage real-time conversation, update the team, and solve problems faster.

    Functional rituals

Why I love Miro

“My first favorite thing about Miro is our community and the people with which I work. My second favorite thing is the product. My dream is to be doing something really important and to be part of something bigger than myself.”

Alina Shaikhutdinova

Alina Shaikhutdinova

Product Manager

“Every day I get to do something I love and make an impact because of the great culture at Miro. Miro embraces and celebrates culture differences – differences in experiences, backgrounds and ways of thinking.”

Augustine Uzokwe

Augustine Uzokwe

QA Engineer

“I love that Miro gives me the opportunity to learn and grow as a person, as a leader everyday! What connects me deeply to Miro is our values - Empathy, Collaboration, Continuous Learning and Impact.”

Janani Subramanian

Janani Subramanian

Group Product Manager

"Miro is an interesting melting pot of cultures and talents. We are supported by a very flexible structure, low hierarchy, and open culture. This diversity goes a long way in making me feel I can be myself at Miro."

Dave Nel

Dave Nel

GTM Enablement Lead

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