Miro Together: Our Hybrid Strategy

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June 13, 2022

Miro Together: Our Hybrid Strategy

We believe that our best work happens when we build strong working relationships with each other. An atmosphere of empathy, engagement, and inclusivity makes for an enjoyable workplace, and one that encourages brilliant ideas.

While we see in-person collaboration as an important part of our strategy, we also want to retain some of the flexibility that we have come to appreciate during the last 24 months. We believe that we can blend in-person and remote co-creation with flexible, deep work for an experience that meets the needs of both the company and individual team members (or “Mironeers,” as we call them).

For these reasons, we remain committed to a hub-centric, hybrid working model that we call Miro Together.

Miro Together includes a mix of dedicated “team days” and “culture days.” To achieve our strategic goals, our hybrid model includes two to three days per week in-person, depending on the person’s role. Here’s how we’re defining our categories of work days:

  • Team days are opportunities for you to work together in the office. Team meetings, 1:1s with team members and managers, and team planning sessions are all examples of the kinds of activities that can occur on these days.
  • Culture days are set by the company on a hub level. They’re designed to facilitate in-person collaboration, connection, and celebration. These days could include broad meetings, like all-hands, and other community-building events and activities. We encourage Mironeers to attend at least one culture day per week.

With our emphasis on building culture and connection, culture days are scheduled based on the hub, and vary a bit by location, based on individual needs and desired business outcomes for each location:

  • Amsterdam, Berlin, and Yerevan: Monday and/or Friday
  • Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Munich, and Paris: Monday and/or Thursday
  • Tokyo & London: Tuesday and/or Friday
  • Sydney: Tuesday and/or Thursday

Life and work events, such as client meetings, illness, and vacations, may require you to be out of the office on dedicated days, and that’s okay. We trust each Mironeer to make the decisions necessary to balance work and life, as needed. We simply ask that you coordinate with your manager when you need time away.

The safety of our employees is a primary consideration as we return to in-person work. We’re ensuring that your working environment is clean, sanitized, and well-prepared. In all hubs, safety procedures are in place that follow government guidelines.

Some people may have circumstances that prevent you from being able to safely gather at this time. If you require an exception from the Miro Together plan, please discuss this with your recruiter and/or hiring manager during the interview process. Each situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

As one of our values states, “‘Play as a team to win the world.” Simply put, we believe that when we are together — creating, learning, empathizing, collaborating, and celebrating — we are more connected and creative as collaborators, and as a company.

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