How we hire

Welcome to Miro’s hiring process.

Hiring is one of our key cultural building blocks, and we always come prepared to meet you. Here are some tips to ensure you have all the right information to succeed in our hiring process.


Before you apply

Start with some self-reflection and research about our company mission and values. What are your key interests and strengths? Think about your passion and your desired next steps in your career. We recommend reading through our company mission statement to better understand what drives us.

Our values guide our interview process; learn more about them in our life at Miro blog, where you can find career stories of your future colleagues. We’ll want you to showcase your most recent and relevant experiences to help our recruiters get to know your skills and strengths.



Ready to go beyond and feel that you would fit into Miro’s culture? Submit your application online. We’ll usually get back to you within a few business days.



We scheduled our first interview — now it's about finding a mutual match. The process may differ from team to team, but the basics apply. Most interviews take place on Zoom.

Meet the recruiters

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The process

The process usually starts with a call from one of our recruiters to understand your ambitions and relevant experiences that make you a good fit for the role.

During the screening, your recruiter will ask about your relevant skills, experience, and what you're looking for in a new opportunity. The recruiter screen also allows you to learn more about the role and Miro culture.

We’ll ask evidence-based questions. Think about specific examples and remember to highlight your own contributions to the projects. The STAR technique may help you! Keep your answers clear and concise. Ask questions and be curious.

If all goes well and there is a mutual match, we’ll proceed for you to meet with the hiring manager. Here they will look further into your experience and give you an overview of the team and what is expected in the role.

We are keen to hear about your ability to:

  • Collaborate in a team environment

  • Dream big and prioritize

  • Learn and drive change

  • Practice empathy to gain insight

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The whole interview process will include 5-6 rounds (this can vary per role) of meetings with various people from your future team, key stakeholders and leadership.

  • 1

    Recruiter Screen

    Your recruiter will ask about your relevant skills and experience and what you're looking for. The screen allows you to learn more about the role and Miro's culture.

  • 2

    Hiring Manager Interview

    Here we will dive deeper into your skills and experience and give you an overview of the team and the expectations for the role.

  • 3

    Skills Assessment (if applicable)

    You will undergo a technical assessment or need to provide a case study.

  • 4

    Meet the Team

    Here you will meet cross-functional stakeholders, and we will ask evidence-based questions to evaluate how well you align with the role and Miro's values and culture.

  • 5

    Leadership Round

    You'll meet with one of our regional or organizational leaders. They will assess your long-term growth potential at Miro and let you ask more questions about our strategy and vision.

  • 6

    Decision & Offer

    It's time to finalize the hiring process. We’ll let you know our decision within two weeks.

    Do you have any questions in the meantime? Feel free to connect with your recruiter at any time.


Curious to learn about our benefits?

Dive into the details of vacation days, wellness programs, home office support, and more. Explore Miro's localized benefits packages.

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Still have questions?

Our business language is English, and while we are an international company with many languages spoken, we encourage you to apply in English.

Absolutely! Please reach out to your contact and ask them to submit your candidacy as a referral (we have a very well-regulated referral program). Or, if you decide to apply directly, please go ahead, and our respective recruiting specialist will contact you.

Miro is piloting APM (Associate Product Management) Program this year. The application period is closed now. Make sure you check back for future intakes.

Face-to-face interviews are an option alongside a virtual interview. It will depend on the role's location and other details. Your respective recruiting partner will walk you through the process and align on the best possible set-up.

You can learn more about the benefits you receive at Miro at the end of each job description.

At Miro, we have a global Career Map - a framework which we use to explain, design and develop our organization as well as to define, facilitate and track the career growth of Mironeers. In alignment with this Map, we have a title structure that includes public roles and private levels and titles.

For individual performance measurement, we’re conducting a bi-annual review of each Mironeer’s performance through peer and manager feedback. The process involves all Mironeers who have been in the company for longer than 4 months. A significant part of this performance review is a strengths-based feedback and development areas discussion, together with feedback against our behavior rubric (4 stages rubric highlighting expected behavior based on company culture values). The expected outcome of every performance review is actionable feedback that can lead to a growth plan and personal OKRs.

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