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The leading visual collaboration platform

Miro empowers remote, in-office, and hybrid teams to communicate and collaborate across formats, tools, channels, and timezones — without the constraints of physical location, meeting space, and whiteboards.
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Our mission is to empower teams to create the next
big thing

The origins of Miro

In 2011, Andrey Khusid needed a way
for his design agency to communicate ideas to clients who weren’t in the same room. The virtual whiteboard he created, called RealtimeBoard, grew into the robust visual collaboration platform
we now know as Miro.

Andrey’s passion for increasing shared understanding across locations, cultures,
and languages fueled his determination to build Miro as a truly international company. Co-headquartered in Amsterdam and San Francisco, we
have hubs across global cities including Austin, Tokyo, Sydney, Berlin, and more.

This unique distributed setup ensures that every Mironeer deeply understands the needs our customers have when working remote, in-office, and hybrid.
It also enables us to collectively work towards solving these challenges
every day.

The origins of Miro

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25M+ users
and 95% of the Fortune 100 trust Miro

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about us third screen andrey
Andrey Khusid
CEO and co-founder,
about us third screen sangeeta
Sangeeta Chakraborty
Head of Customer Experience,
San Francisco
about us third screen aj
AJ Josephson
Head of People,
San Francisco
about us third screen varun
Varun Parmar
Head of Product,
about us third screen vadim
Vadim Barshtak
Head of Engineering,
about us third screen zhenya
Zhenya Loginov
Head of Revenue,
San Francisco
about us third screen yuliya
Yuliya Malysh
Head of Self-service and Growth,
about us third screen grisha
Grisha Pavlotsky
Head of Operations,
about us third screen jim
Jim Fahey
Head of Sales,
about us third screen kev
Kev Chung
Head of Partnerships, Channel
and Corporate Development,
about us third screen melinda
Melinda Thompson
Head of Legal,
San Francisco
about us third screen paul
Paul D'Arcy
Head of Marketing,

Some of our investors
and advisors

about us fourth screen elena
Elena Verna
Former SVP Growth, SurveyMonkey, Malwarebytes
about us fourth screen des
Des Traynor
Founder and CSO,
about us fourth screen quentin
Quentin Clark
Former CTO Dropbox,
SAP, CVP Microsoft
about us fourth screen daniel
Daniel Dines
Founder and CEO, UIPath
about us fourth screen andrew
Andrew Filev
Founder and CEO, Wrike
about us fourth screen alex
Alex Estevez
Former CFO, Atlassian
about us fourth screen sherali
Sherali Karimov
Former Head of EMEA Optimizely, Atlassian
about us fourth screen irene
Irene Au
Design Partner at Khosla, former Head of UX at Google, Yahoo
about us fourth screen bradley
Bradley Horowitz
VP Product, Google
about us fourth screen bob
Bob Muglia
Former CEO, Snowflake
and President, Microsoft
about us fourth screen oliver
Olivier Pomel
Founder and CEO,
about us fourth screen henrik
Henrik Kniberg
Minecraft, former Agile Coach at Lego, Spotify. Co-creator of Spotify Agile Model and first online whiteboard
about us fourth screen jake
Jake Knapp
Former Design Partner
at GV, founder of
Google Meet
about us fourth screen stephen
Stephen Curry
Golden State Warriors,
3x NBA Champion

Our offices are all across
the world. Join us!

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