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Create quick app and website wireframes, ideate on sticky notes, map user flows, and collect references. Do it all in one wireframing tool.

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Save time creating wireframes

Miro’s wireframe templates and UI library help you create lo-fi prototypes for website pages and product screens in a matter of minutes. No design experience needed.

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Enhance your wireframes with integrations

Use Miro integrations with Icon Finder, and Unsplash to create clear, comprehensive app and website wireframes.

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Real time wireframing

Build wireframes online in real time with your team — or plan your wireframe in advance and collaborate on it when you're ready.

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Why people love using Miro for online wireframing

Where innovation happens

Map out your vision — and iterate quickly — with intuitive tools and an infinite canvas for exploration. Miro’s wireframe builder is flexible, enabling teams to create any type of wireframe they need.

Make it easy for stakeholders to share feedback

Work on wireframes, share them when ready, and collect feedback from all stakeholders in real time or async on a single board. Teams can use stickers and emojis to show appreciation and evaluate your work.

Add your Adobe XD artboards

Simplify design collaboration by adding Adobe XD artboards to Miro boards. For quicker iteration, capture and add references or re-use existing web pages and product screens to your wireframe board.

Frames, connection lines, and links

Utilize frames to display a variety of web or product screens, interconnect them using arrows, and leverage the Link-to feature to illustrate user workflows.

Related templates

Map out your website elements and bring your vision to life all in one place.

Arrange elements to create the best version of your prototype with Miro’s App Wireframe Template.

Sketch ideas quickly and share a “big picture” vision for your product with this Low-fidelity Wireframe Template.

Create lo-fi mockups of your iPhone app experience.

Help UX and product teams improve user experience with the User Flow Diagram.

Validate visual screen components in a user flow and gain insights about your user interaction. Build a better experience in every platform.

A wireframe creator for every team

From brainstorming to prototyping, Miro is the end-to-end wireframing tool every team can use.



Unleash your creative ideas on an infinite canvas and collaborate in real time from any location. Think in many formats with sticky notes, diagrams, and more.

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Research and Design

Embrace design thinking and collaborate on design sprints, customer journeys, wireframes, and more. Generate insights, and change the way you build products.

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Research Synthesis

Research Synthesis

Miro supports the entire research cycle seamlessly, culminating in efficient research synthesis.

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Design Sprint

Run a design sprint that engages your entire team, driving more productivity and insights.

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Prototyping tool

Quickly build click-through prototypes and visualize ideas when designing for the web or mobile apps. Minimize planning efforts and get instant feedback with Miro’s prototyping tool.

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Customer Journey Map

Easily plan and build your user journey with Miro’s customer journey mapping tool. Exercise empathy, understand your customer’s wants and needs, and build stellar experiences.

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UX and Design

From brainstorming with your cross-functional squad to gathering feedback for iteration and reiteration, create product experiences that have a bit of magic.

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How to create a wireframe with Miro



Select the device

Choose what device you want to wireframe. That can be a phone, tablet, or browser. Drop the component on the board.


Add your wireframe components

Select the components that make sense for you. Customize them by double-clicking the component and adjusting the size, icons, and states in the context menu.


Add your wireframe icons

Icons show the actions users perform using your product. Click on Icons, and choose the ones you need from our icons library.


Share it

After you finish your wireframe, request feedback by inviting people to your board or downloading your wireframe as an image or PDF.


Wireframe tool FAQs

Miro is a visual innovation workspace with a set of wireframing tools. People use it to create wireframes as part of the design process, using templates and widgets to help them create wireframes quickly and easily. By using Miro’s wireframe creator, you can collaborate in real-time, iterate quickly, and ensure that everyone is on the same page. Overall, while Miro is not only designed as a wireframe creator, it can be a valuable addition to any designer's toolkit.

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