Miro Accessibility

Learn how we're making our platform more accessible for all users.

Our accessibility initiatives

We understand that teams include people of different backgrounds, experiences, and access needs — so we strive to give everyone an opportunity to collaborate.

As a first step, we’re making the product components and content displayed on the boards more perceivable. We recognize that our product is complex and the road to accessibility a long journey. We're committed to delivering incremental improvements to our users over time and will be communicating changes once they’re ready.


We now have a cross-functional accessibility team, which includes engineers, QAs, designers, product managers, and project managers.

This team re-examines our product experience and company practices to identify accessibility gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Product development and design

We’re updating our design and product development guidelines to accommodate accessibility requirements (based on the AA level of WCAG 2.1) to ensure that Miro ships features developed with accessibility over time.

User testing

We’re conducting an internal accessibility audit of the various product components and looking for the community to help with user testing.

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In 2021 we’re partnering with a leading accessibility services provider to conduct accessibility training for our staff, and guide us on our way to accessibility. We want all of Miro’s employees to have the knowledge and tools they need to produce product improvements and new features with accessibility in mind.


We want all individuals with varying abilities to share their needs. We welcome your feedback about the accessibility barriers you face as you use our product or website — your input helps us make Miro better for you.

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