An easy-to-use flowchart maker

Create flowcharts at speed to simplify your workflows and daily routines with Miro’s flowchart maker. Check off all the essential steps in your process, from alignment to action, and then plot your project together with your team.

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Templates for any flowchart

Our extensive template library helps you create the kinds of flowcharts your project demands. Start working in Miro with templates, plot your project together, improve clarity, and deliver results faster. No matter what project you’re working on, we’ve got you covered.

Miro's template library

Intuitive flowchart maker

Whether you’re setting up a workflow or optimizing processes, it’s easy to leverage Miro’s flowchart maker. Make information even more accessible and show connections between diverse elements by adding shapes and icons from our library with just one click.

Team collaboration with Miro's flowchart creator

Create common understanding

Save time when building and communicating flowcharts and processes using an extensive free shapes library, flowchart templates, and connectors.

Flowchart generated with lanes to outline a process

Why Miro is the perfect flowchart maker

Design your flowchart like a pro

Our flowchart maker comes with styling tools to simplify complex information. Browse through our icons, color code dependencies, and add link-outs and embeds to your flowchart. Integrations, such as Google Docs, let you edit files directly in Miro — without duplicating work.

A flowchart maker for hybrid teams

Miro’s visual workplace is the perfect flowchart maker for distributed and co-located teams. Together with your team, quickly ideate and map entire processes by creating powerful and intuitive flowcharts — no matter where you are.

Take action and stay aligned

Keep everyone literally on the same page by setting up kick-off meetings and creating action plans all in one shared space. After finishing your flowchart, you can add actionable items with project management templates and convert them into tickets on the same board. Miro integrates smoothly with tools such as Jira and Asana.

An easy-to-share flowchart maker

Get feedback, make changes, and keep things organized with comprehensive overviews of comments and iterations. Give your team members access to your flowcharts, work directly with them on boards, or export boards as images for use in presentations. Plus, you can also embed your boards directly in tools such as Confluence and Microsoft Teams.

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Build user-centric experiences and have customers always coming back.

Create a flowchart for every project

Miro’s automated flowchart maker saves you time and effort when diagramming processes and mapping out workflows. Bring your team up to speed and focus on what matters.

Diagramming tools in Miro


Miro’s all-in-one diagram maker removes the hassle of switching between diagramming and collaboration tools while helping you check off all the essential steps of your diagramming process.

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BPMN Diagram Tool

Stay on top of your business processes by mapping them out with an online BPMN diagram. Have a shared understanding of your business’ procedures and increase productivity across the whole organization.

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Process Mapping Tools

Map out processes, strategies, and everything in between with Miro’s process mapping tool. Get ideas, develop plans and build concepts everyone understands, creating alignment and bringing agility to teams.

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Block Diagram Maker

Block diagrams help you visualize systems, creating a common understanding for development teams. Get started in seconds with our free block diagram maker, and make sure everyone is rowing in the same direction.

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Data Flow Diagram Tool

Map data flows and model processes with Miro’s automated data flow diagram tool. Streamline workflows, gain insights, and lead development teams more efficiently.

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Obeya Room

Obeya Room

Bring teams closer together and execute faster in a hybrid, collaborative Obeya room.

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How to make a flowchart in minutes

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Choose your flowchart

Select one of our ready-made flowchart templates and add it to your board.


Map out your process

Miro’s flowchart maker lets you expand your diagram with just one click: hover over the shapes to add connector lines and automatically add another step into your flow.


Make it visual

Color-code the steps on your flow by clicking on the shape and changing colors in the context menu.


Share it with your team

You’re almost done! Share your flowchart with team members and or add it to other Miro boards and presentations by copying and pasting or downloading it as an image or PDF.

A close-up image of Miro's flow chart maker

Flowchart maker FAQs

Yes. You can start creating your flowchart online for free — no registration required. Or you can simply sign up for Miro's flowchart software to get started on your first board. After you sign up for Miro, you can either use an existing flowchart template or create your flowchart from scratch. Then, invite as many team members as you need to your board for free and start collaborating.

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