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Connect ideas with a concept map maker

Create a concept map with Miro to visualize key concepts and get a big-picture overview. Come together as a team to brainstorm, ideate, and structure concepts collaboratively.

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Seamless diagramming tools

Leverage easy-to-use connection lines to visualize links and flows. Rely on quick alignment to keep your concept map organized and structured.

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Not just any concept map creator

Miro's concept map maker helps teams generate new ideas, organize information, and visualize how complex concepts connect with one another. Quickly create a concept map with just a few clicks, and ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

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Collaborate on the spot

Invite your team members and stakeholders to get feedback, reviews, and approvals from them, with multiple communication options such as comments with @-mentions, built-in chat, video chat, and more.

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Why Miro is the perfect tool to create concept maps

Presentation mode

Hop into presentation mode to explain your ideas to the team with the help of a visual concept map.

Creative formatting options

Use colorful sticky notes and emojis to create concept maps that are easy to read and fun to interact with.

Integrations with your favorite tools

Leverage integrations with tools like Jira, InVision, Sketch, Google Drive, and more to add context to your concept maps.

Infinite canvas

Build on your concept map by adding supporting content such as sticky notes, images, documents, and more — all to the same board.

Related templates

Explore connections between concepts and let your creativity flow.

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More than just a concept map maker

Make a concept map and continue working on other tasks using our visual workspace. Miro can help teams with everything from mind mapping and visual project management to Agile planning and interactive workshops.

Brainstorming tools

Unleash creative ideas on a board and collaborate from anywhere. Brainstorm in many formats with sticky notes, diagrams, and more.

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Online sticky notes

Miro's digital collaboration tool is a visual workspace where you can work with sticky notes online — and so much more.

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Mind map maker

Give ideas structure, share them across teams. The quickest, easiest way for teams to capture, organize, and map out their ideas.

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Comparison chart online

Let Miro’s comparison chart maker improve your brand storytelling and transform how customers see you.

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Make graphs and charts in Miro

Graph maker

Bring a common understanding to teams, present your ideas with great data visualization, and move projects forward.

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An image showing Miro's bubble map maker you can use alongside Miro's concept map maker

Bubble map maker

Visualize ideas and how they relate to each other using an online bubble map. Start with a central topic, elaborate, expand, and bring more agility to your brainstorming.

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How to create a concept map with Miro

Collaborate and share your thought with Miro's concept map maker


Select the ready-made template

Use it as is or customize it to meet your specific needs.


Choose a topic to explore

Add it as a starting point for your concept map.


Expand your concept map

Click on the shapes to add more branches.


Make connections

Visualize the relationship between topics and establish a hierarchy.

Collaborate and share your thought with Miro's concept map maker

Concept map maker FAQs

Concept maps generally show ideas following a hierarchical order, connecting and organizing them visually. With a concept map creator, you can diagram any topic and bring clarity to projects and strategies, moving your team towards the same goal.

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