Homemeetings and workshops

Bring meetings and workshops online in a big way

Creative energy that you can feel, presentations that just flow, and teams that connect and collaborate like humans — bring the in-person experience online with Miro, whether you’re running a brainstorm or facilitating a workshop.

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Invite guests simply and securely

We make it a snap to send out virtual workshop invites. And it’s completely secure — you can rest easy knowing only approved guests will be there.

Workshops for distributed teams

Use Miro to run collaborative workshops that drive engagement on any device, online or in-person, and interactive displays, using your day-to-day conference tools like Zoom, Teams, Webex, Hopin, and more.

Inclusive and engaging workshops

Fight off meeting fatigue and keep participants tuned in with interactive elements like reactions, timer, voting, and breakout frames.

Elevated meetings and workshops

Interactive Presentation Mode

Seamlessly transition between presentations and workshops and keep participants engaged from the first thought to the last.


Unleash your team's collective genius on Miro and run engaging voting sessions that lead to the crème de la crème of ideas.

Breakout frames

Effortlessly organize participants into dedicated groups to tackle specific tasks and ignite active participation.


Facilitate sessions like a pro by ensuring every minute counts, making the most out of your creative collaborations.

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Blur the lines between work and play

Turn your meetings and workshops into collaborative powerhouses that leave participants buzzing with excitement.

Online Meetings

With everyone in one place, meetings are fast-paced and every guest feels included and heard.

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Meeting Facilitation

Miro gives hosts the tools they need to make online meetings feel like they’re in person.

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Virtual Workshops

Miro puts you in control with tools to grab your guests’ attention and keep them participating.

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Workshop Facilitation

Facilitators get more flexibility and ways to read the room, making the online transition so much easier.

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Interactive Presentations

Two-way interactive presentations on Miro captivate audiences and keep them engaged.

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Dashboarding & Performance Tracking

Dashboarding & Performance Tracking

Create a shared space for custom dashboards and performance monitoring, pattern identification, and decision-making.

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How to get started?


Set your board up

Pick a pre-built template or build from scratch — using frames to give your presentation, meeting, or workshop the perfect framework to shine.


Present your content

Focus the collaboration experience by guiding your audience on the board or presenting your frames in a slideshow with interactive presentation mode.


Interact with your audience

Say goodbye to guessing games: Interactive tools like voting and emoji reactions let you read minds (well, almost), as participants provide instant feedback.


End with next steps

Miro makes it easy to turn all those insights and ideas into concrete tasks. Just convert the many stickies from your board into cards to tell team members what to deliver, and by when.

We have answers to your questions

Why Miro for meetings and workshops?

Miro transforms boring, static video calls and presentations into engaging, interactive meetings, and tired attendees into energetic participants. Meeting activities like planning, Agile practices, co-creation, training, and team building can become interactive once again and bring you close to real-life experiences.

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Miro’s interactive meetings make running engaging remote meetings & workshops a breeze

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