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Design Sprint Kit template

Facilitate a design sprint with this ready-to-use kit

The Google Ventures Design Sprint is a collaborative problem-solving methodology that teams use to address their big product challenges in only five days. The process was intended for co-located teams working together in dedicated “War rooms”. However, the rise of remote teams has made co-location for a Design Sprint logistically difficult, expensive, and unnecessary.

The Design Sprint Kit was created by Tanya Junell, Director of Product Management at Blue Label Labs. This kit provides a set of lightweight templates that support the Design Sprint’s collaborative activities and voting. 

About the Design Sprint Kit template

Why use the Design Sprint Kit template?

Remote Design Sprint Facilitators can use this kit to maintain the spirit of a co-located Design Sprint by using virtual Sprint supplies & prepared whiteboards.

Bonus: The kit can also be used by product teams to digitally document all of the sticky notes and paper used during a co-located Design Sprint.

What do you get with the Design Sprint Kit?


  • Voting dots

  • HMW and Feedback sticky notes

  • Masking Tape 

  • (Don’t forget to add a virtual timer to your board!)


  • HMW Clusters (for expert interview notes review and voting)

  • User Journey Map template 


  • Art Gallery (for display of Tuesday’s sketches and voting)

  • Storyboard template


  • User Feedback board (to capture user feedback on Friday’s prototype)

Design Sprint Kit template

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Built-in collaboration

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Seamless sharing

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