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Give ideas structure, share them across teams. The quickest, easiest way for teams to capture, organize, and map out their ideas.
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An intuitive and robust mind mapping tool

Miro mind map helps distributed teams to brainstorm, plan projects, map out information architecture, create org charts, and develop sales strategies.

An intuitive and robust mind mapping tool

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Miro mind map helps distributed teams to brainstorm, plan projects, map out information architecture, create org charts, and develop sales strategies.

More than your average mind map

As an infinite virtual whiteboard, Miro helps teams get any visual task done, such as user story mapping, agile planning, design iteration or visual project management.
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“Miro has helped us work across multiple sites around the world and has enabled us to be far more productive than before.”
Richard Davidson
Agile Project Manager at Skyscanner
Learn how to structure thoughts with mind maps

Mind map features

Miro offers the perfect balance of simplicity and function for bringing your ideas to life.
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Real-time collaboration
Multiple team members can co-create synchronously.
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Multiple design styles
Colorful and curvy or thin black
and angular styles.
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Seamless communication
Built-in video, chat, @mentions, and comments.
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Presentation mode
Toggle into presentation mode, or break up your map into frames to present slides.
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One-click auto-organize your map for a more clean and structured design.
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Infinite canvas
Add any content or other mind maps
to the same board.
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“What I like most about Miro is how easy it is to share my project maps. I need to bring my whiteboard experience online and share it with every team member and stakeholder that needs it.”
Chelsea Scholz
Marketing Manager at Unbounce
Learn how to use Miro's mind map software

How to create
a mind map online

Mindmap creation, step 1
Start with a central concept
Click anywhere on the Miro board to add a node with a problem you’d like to solve, an idea you’d like to explore, or another concept for the mind map. All of your related ideas will extend from this core.
Mindmap creation, step 2
Add branches
For every new idea you have, create a branch (a line connecting the ideas) with a child node. In Miro, click on the plus sign on either side of a node to add a child node. Each concept can have unlimited branches and sub-branches, so the ideas can continue to flow.
Mindmap creation, step 3
Use colors
Colors can help you keep your ideas visually organized and easily understandable. You can choose a new color for a branch using Miro’s palette tool. To move nodes around, simply drag and drop.

Mind map FAQs

  • Yes, Miro’s mind map is 100% free and requires no credit card. After you sign up, you can invite collaborators to your board and start creating a mind map right away.
  • Mind maps are great for any time you need to organize ideas, thoughts, or concepts and see how they are interrelated. They are especially useful for brainstorming sessions, problem solving workshops, or note-taking.
  • You can share your mind map with your team at any time by using the Share button at the top of your Miro board. You have the option to allow them to view, comment on, or edit your mind map. You can also download your mind map as a PDF, if you want an artifact to share in other channels.
  • To brainstorm with a mind map, start with one central idea or problem in the middle of the page or board. Establish a few rules, so people know how the session is going to progress. There are a ton of different brainstorming techniques you can use to generate multiple new ideas quickly. As each new idea flows, simply add it to a new node on your virtual mind map.
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