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Supercharge your Agile practices through remote Product Planning, Daily Scrums, Sprint Plannings, and Retrospectives. Put your ideas into action with Kanban boards and robust integrations with Jira, Azure DevOps, and more.

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Make Scrum events more engaging

Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, or Retrospectives. You can make them more productive and engaging with Miro's Agile solutions.

Streamlined PI Planning sessions

Miro’s visual collaboration platform helps you run your PI Planning event without the hassle of switching between tools. Have one central hub for your session, reduce prep time and create a seamless experience for your team.

No more boring retros

Use one of our ready-made templates every time you need to run your retrospective, or build one from scratch using our many editing features. Turn your retrospectives into engaging and inclusive sessions with icebreakers, private mode, clustering and other interactive features.

Why Miro is the best tool for your Agile practices

Run remote Scrum Events

Engage remote users, and eliminate hours of documentation when you run Daily Scrums, Sprint Plannings, Sprint Reviews, and Retrospectives online in Miro.

Put your ideas into action

Create user story maps, prioritize your backlog, and organize tasks into sprints using customizable Kanban boards. Browse over 120 pre-built templates to get started.

Enhance your Agile workflow

Import tasks from Jira, Asana, Rally, or Azure into Miro for increased visibility, visualizing the big picture, and discussing and aligning with your team in real time.

Visualize projects and dependencies

Organize all your project tasks and resources in one place. Draw dependency lines, manage workloads, and make adjustments on the fly to stay aligned and on track.

Related templates

Display and sync on tasks moving between the production steps.

Help your team embrace Agile methodology.

Create a clear and repeatable process now for developing new features.

Make near-term decisions without compromising future work using our Agile Roadmap Template.

Have a great overview of your team's backlog and boost efficiency.

Use our SAFe Agile Program Board to track delivery dates and understand dependencies and milestones of a project.

Built for the way you work

Miro is your team's visual platform to connect, collaborate, and innovate. Whether you want to resolve Jira issues or run Daily Scrum meetings, Miro supports you at every step of your Agile ways of working.

PI Planning

Plan your development process and select the best stories for your program with Miro’s integrated set of tools. Run your PI Planning streamlining prep work and creating engaging sessions.

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Look back on what worked — and what didn’t — and come out of your retrospective with valuable input and ideas to improve processes and set your team up for success.

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Stay organized and quickly visualize processes with a Kanban tool. Work in one shared space, and move teams toward the same objectives, anticipating what’s next.

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Daily Standups

Run your daily standups focusing on results and actions. Help your team work better by seeing what’s getting in their way, and bring that in-person energy to your processes.

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Planning Poker

Add more structure to the estimation process, increase accuracy of your estimates, and give everyone a voice. Use the Estimations app and bring a common understanding to teams.

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How to improve your Agile practices with Miro


Visualize the workflow

Use templates to create Kanban boards, Daily Scrum boards, Retrospective boards, or Gantt charts.


Facilitate collaboration

Promote teamwork, transparency, and accountability with Miro's collaborative platform.


Enhance productivity

Run your sprint planning, backlog grooming, and retrospectives in Miro.


Integrate with Agile tools

Explore integrations with Jira and Azure DevOps, and synchronize the workflow to ensure consistency across different platforms.

Agile practices FAQs

What are the benefits of following Agile practices?

Agile practices provide numerous benefits in software development, including improved flexibility to adapt to changes, enhanced collaboration among team members, increased customer satisfaction by delivering value through continuous feedback, faster time-to-market with working software, higher quality products with early defect detection, and improved team morale through individual accountability and empowerment. Adopting Agile methods can result in a positive work environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and a sense of accomplishment, leading to higher job satisfaction and retention.

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