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Embrace design thinking and collaborate on design sprints, customer journey maps, wireframes, and more. Generate ideas, uncover insights, and transform the way your team builds products with Miro’s online design tool.

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Iterative design process

Bring many insights into your design thinking process in an infinite online workspace. Explore ready-to-use diagramming, brainstorming, and online design tools that make building user flows and customer journeys easy.

Run remote design sprints

Run an engaging design thinking workshop to build and test prototypes by combining content and data from design, research, and BI tools. Facilitate an inclusive working session with distributed teammates with features like timer, voting, private mode, and breakout boards.

Create a research project hub

Bring content and data together by adding files or embedded user research. Enrich your understanding by integrating data from business intelligence (BI) tools so that you can build sustainable, feasible, and viable products and services using real time insights.

The online design tool for every step of your process

Simplify your design process

Discover the designer in everyone with an easy-to-use online canvas, pre-built UX, and wireframing templates. Drive diversity and a customer-first culture by making the process inclusive for the whole team.

Don’t start from scratch

Solve big problems in less time with pre-built Design Sprint Templates and facilitation features like voting, timer, and screen share. Enable your team to think big and move fast.

Uncover insights from research

Synthesize interview and survey data with Sticky Note clustering and tagging. Create personas, affinity maps, mind maps, user flows, and more to further develop your strategy.

Increase efficiency

Reduce time looking for information. Organize references, research, and design files all in one shared design thinking canvas, where you can gather feedback and iterate.

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Identify the competitive landscape and your company’s relation to it.

Give your team the best design resources and opportunity to develop innovative solutions.

Accelerate innovation by running a Design Sprint with a distributed team.

Use a Design Research Template to predict links between industry trends to make better business decisions.

Build better products with innovative and faster processes.

Use the Design Critique Template to analyze designs and give feedback.

More than just an online design tool

Connect your entire organization in one shared space for faster project delivery times, increased team alignment, and less time spent in meetings. Miro is an online workspace for innovation that enables teams to build the next big thing.

Customer Journey Map

Easily plan and build your user journey with Miro’s customer journey mapping tool. Exercise empathy, understand your customer’s wants and needs, and build stellar experiences.

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Research Synthesis

Research Synthesis

Miro supports the entire research cycle seamlessly, culminating in efficient research synthesis.

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Design Sprint

Design Sprint

Run a design sprint that engages your entire team, driving more productivity and insights.



Create quick app and website wireframes, ideate on sticky notes, map user flows, and collect references. Do it all in real time with your team on one board.

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Unleash your creative ideas on an infinite canvas and collaborate in real time from any location. Think in many formats with sticky notes, diagrams, and more.

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How to run your design processes in Miro


Start with brainstorming

Brainstorm with sticky notes and add all ideas onto the board. Remember, no idea is a bad idea at this stage. Don’t forget to take into consideration your insights from user interviews and customer journey maps.


Organize and prioritize

Cluster stickies by tag, keyword, author, or sentiment. The voting feature lets your team collaboratively decide which ideas deserve more attention.


Sketch and prototype

Use the Wireframe Library to sketch interfaces, and user flows or create low-fidelity prototypes.


Review and Iterate

Invite stakeholders to give instant feedback with comments. Remember, it's about quick feedback and iterations - the faster you loop, the better your designs become.

Online design tool FAQs

Several online design tools are available, each with its own features and strengths. When choosing a tool for your project and organization, make sure it has collaborative features, intuitive UI, and accessibility so you ideate, plan, and execute projects all in one share space, increasing efficiency and productivity.

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