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Elevate your Design Sprint

Run a design sprint that engages your entire team, driving more productivity and insights. Ideate, design, and prototype all in one collaborative central workspace, and build products people will love.

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From research findings to prototypes, keep it all in one shared workspace

Easily create one design sprint board with all your materials, making it more accessible to teams. Say goodbye to tool switching, saving time and effort when running your sprints.


Why Miro is the tool for your design sprint

Organize your user research

Share your findings and make them easy to understand by centralizing and organizing research data onto a single Miro design sprint board. Add user insights and any other artifact that helps your team make sense of your data and research.

Create low-fidelity prototypes

Quickly create mockups, wireframes, and prototypes with Miro’s extensive Wireframe Library. Simply drag and drop icons, shapes, and components directly on the board and see your ideas come to life.

Reduce context switching

Create one central workspace for your team where you have wireframe, user research synthesis, and workshop materials readily available. Run your design sprint from start to finish all in one board.

Miro Assist for more creative work

Invite your team to brainstorm and test ideas, and unlock more creativity using Miro Assist. Gather input and organize ideas quicker than ever.

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Easily run sprints and turn your team into fun, creative and active participants.

Tips on how to run a Design Sprint




Prep your board as a design sprint master, gathering all the information to support you.


Use a ready-made template

We have a Design Sprint Kit Template to help you get a head start.


Collaborate and co-create

Request instant feedback by adding comments and tagging teammates, and improve your processes collaboratively.


Integrated with your favorite tools

Ideas, inspiration, and intel in full view. Visualize marketing campaigns and client and prospect info to take action, and track tasks and status updates for the team.

Connect Miro to 1OO+ of your favorite collaboration tools

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Customer stories

“Our teams use Jira for sprint and task management and Miro adds a visual layer. One board can hold several sprints, giving us a more global view.”

Gabriela lovu Dumitriu

Product Owner at Ubisoft

Design Sprint FAQs

Design Sprints typically consist of five phases: Understand, Sketch, Decide, Prototype, and Test. The 'Understand' phase involves understanding the problem, business goals, and target audience. 'Sketch' is the brainstorming stage to generate solutions. The 'Decide' phase involves picking the most feasible solutions. The 'Prototype' phase is about creating a simplified model of the chosen solution, and finally, the 'Test' phase involves gathering feedback from users to validate or iterate the prototype.

Other Miro solutions


Create quick app and website wireframes, ideate on sticky notes, map user flows, and collect references. Do it all in one wireframing tool.


Quickly build click-through prototypes and visualize ideas when designing for the web or mobile apps. Minimize planning efforts and get instant feedback with Miro’s prototyping tool.


Create a mockup that showcases your brand's look and feel. Miro’s visual workspace is up for the task, helping teams move from the initial sketch to the final mockup, all in one tool.

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