The Design Sprint by Jake Knapp


Run the best possible Design Sprint with this Miro-exclusive template built by Jake Knapp, creator of the Design Sprint*.* It includes updated techniques, step-by-step instructions, and is the perfect companion to Jake's New York Times bestselling book SPRINT.

What is the Design Sprint process?

The Design Sprint is a process for starting big projects with a small team. The big idea is to build and test a prototype in just five days. That's insanely fast, but because of the checklist of activities in the Design Sprint, it's totally doable.

Why should you do the Design Sprint?

There are a lot of reasons: It's fast, it's fun, it brings the team together... but the key reason to do a Design Sprint is seeing the future.

Teams spend a lot of time thinking, discussing and arguing about what might happen. "Should we do it this way, or that way? Will people want it or not?" With a Design Sprint, you quickly make one or two or three prototypes, you show those prototypes to customers, and then you watch what happens. It's like jumping in a time machine and fast forwarding months or even years to when your project is finished, then coming back to the present and making your plan based on what you learn.

Why do Design Sprints work?

Every team needs better understanding of product/market fit BEFORE they start executing. And every team battles distractions. We all have too many projects, too much email, too many messages and demands on our time. We all wish we didn't have so many meetings and so much discussion. We all wish we understood our customers better. We wish we could just block it out and do our best work on the most important thing.

The magic of the Design Sprint is that—at least for one week—you can do that. The game is changed. Because of the highly-structured process, you can focus, you have time to think, you can take risks, you can work on that most important project together with the key people on your team, and your customers are always at the center of it all.


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Jake Knapp
SPRINT Author, Advisor @ Miro, Investor@Character
Jake Knapp is the inventor of the Design Sprint and a New York Times bestselling author. He spent 10 years at Google and Google Ventures, where he created the Design Sprint process.
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