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May 17, 2020

Weekly update — better facilitation for remote workshops and meetings, visual tables, and more.

Organize better workshops and meetings with Attention Management.

Attention Management is a powerful facilitation feature for remote meetings and workshops. It allows meeting organizers and workshop facilitators to guide participants and ensure everyone is following and engaged. 

This feature is especially important for facilitating massive workshops with dozens of participants because it helps direct their attention to the area of the board where collaboration is happening at a particular moment.

Bring to me

Easily bring all collaborators to the area of the board you want everyone to focus on with ‘Bring to me’ functionality. Available on Team, Business, Consultant, Enterprise, and Education Plans.

Once you bring all of the participants to the particular area of the board, we enable auto-following, which means that all of the collaborators will be seeing exactly the same content as you.  

If you notice that someone accidentally got lost on the board, it’s possible to direct collaborators back to the focus area one by one. Available on all plans. We proactively notify all collaborators when ‘Bring to me’ functionality is used which helps ensure they understand who is facilitating the workshop and what is happening at the particular moment. 


If you are working with multiple facilitators or presenters, it’s possible to follow them by selecting their avatar and using ‘Follow’ functionality. This way you can easily switch between different areas of the board and follow what other participants do.  Available on all plans.

If you are working with multiple facilitators or presenters, it’s possible to follow them by selecting their avatar and using ‘Follow’ functionality. This way you can easily switch between different areas of the board and follow what other participants do.

Introducing Miro Grids – visual tables for organizing your board content.

Starting today, all Miro users have access to Grids – a new widget that allows you to organize content within visual tables in a matter of seconds.

Visit our blog and watch the product video to learn more about this feature.

April 27, 2020

Weekly update — Enhanced video chat,
updated frames, and more

Enhanced built-in video chat

We updated our built-in video chat:

  • Improved its connection stability

  • Added scroll to the list of participants, making it possible to see everyone who is on the call

  • Updated the UI to make 'Start' / 'Join', 'Stop' / 'Leave' buttons more discoverable

  • Started displaying names of participants on video by default

Better frames

  • Duplicating frames with content inside is now as easy as pressing Ctrl/Cmd + D – just make sure the frame you want to duplicate is selected.

  • If you delete a frame, all of its content stays selected by default, making moving it around the canvas quicker.

More intuitive Projects sorting

Projects are now sorted alphabetically for better discoverability.

Projects are available on paid plans only.

Reminders to join Miro for invited Enterprise Plan users

Invitation reminders are now sent out on the 14th, 21st, and 28th day after the initial invite was sent out for the Enterprise Plan users if it wasn't accepted.

Invitation emails have been updated as well: now they are more detailed, clearly show who invited the user to a team or a board, and who manages the account the user was invited to join.

Enhanced board sharing for the Enterprise Plan users

When a user cannot share a board because they are not allowed to add new members to a team, we point them to their Company Admin or Team Admin to fix this.

Bug fixes & other updates

  • Bug with Timer fixed – it wasn't displaying correctly for some users for some time on April 22 and 23, 2020

April 21, 2020

Weekly update — Anonymous Guest Editors,
updated CJM template, and more

Anonymous Guest Editors

We are introducing anonymous Guest Editors – the quickest and easiest way to invite collaborators that don’t have Miro account yet. Visit Help Center to learn more.

Updated Customer Journey Map template

Our users were giving us valuable feedback about the desired format of one of our most popular templates. We updated it, making it more sleek and easy to use:

Customer Journey Map template

Better comments

Give feedback quicker with improved comments UX: type your comment and press 'Enter' to send it.

Improved lines menu

Line types and thickness were hidden under color selection in the menu. We added a separate option to the menu to make it easier to change line types and their thickness.

Quicker menu tooltips

Discover basic Miro tools in the toolbar quicker – we started showing tooltips the moment you hover over icons.

More intuitive widget resize

Now when you want to resize a widget in Miro, you will see a double-headed arrow that will help you figure out how to make the widget bigger or smaller.

Less is better

When Enterprise Plan users are invited to several teams at once, they will receive one email, inviting them to join the Enterprise Account instead of multiple emails inviting them to join individual teams. Users will also see information about their Enterprise Account Admin to know who to reach out to in case they have questions.

SCIM-provisioned users will also be notified via email when they are added to the Enterprise Account.

More flexible domain whitelisting

It's now possible to whitelist any domains, including public ones.

Visual differentiation for Enterprise Plan accounts in the sidebar

If you are a member of a team or teams, belonging to an Enterprise account, you will see an icon in the sidebar on the dashboard.

Bug fixes & other updates

  • Fixed a bug that caused widgets to become invisible when users changed their zoom levels.

  • Fixed a bug that caused templates and interactive frameworks elements to fall apart.

  • Enabled the option to hide collaborators' cursors during massive collaborative sessions to improve board performance.

  • Improved built-in video chat stability to enable organizing videoconferences for up to 25 users simultaneously.

  • Updated an in-product guide icon to make discovering this section more intuitive.

March 31, 2020

Summary of product updates Q1 2020

Miro meets Notion

With Miro block by Notion, you can embed publicly shared boards into any of your Notion pages. Just type /miro on the page to get started. Learn more about Notion Embeds here.

Kudos to the Notion team for this release! If you also want to build your custom integration or embed Miro into your software - check out Miro API.

Instantly digitize and edit the results of your offline workshops, retros and brainstorms with Stickies Capture

Digitize and edit handwritten sticky notes – it's free and works on iOS, Android mobile apps, Mac and Windows desktop apps and in desktop browser!  Visit feature landing page to learn more.

Manage Miro users via Azure AD, Okta, or Miro SCIM API

Available for Enterprise Plan users.

Onboarding and offboarding users in Miro just got easier. With direct integrations with Azure AD and Okta, admins can now simplify user management via SCIM. Additionally, they can implement custom provisioning with the Miro SCIM API. Visit the Miro blog or the Help Center to learn more.

Gain more visibility and control with new user management & admin settings

Available for Enterprise Plan users.

Verify and claim company-owned domains to automatically capture newly registered users under your existing Enterprise subscription. You can also prevent users from creating new subscriptions to enable seamless collaboration under a centrally managed, company account.

Introducing a new license type to enable organization-wide collaboration. If your account has reached the cap for day passes and full licenses, new users will now be automatically added as viewers/commenters. They can request edit access in the Miro app which will notify company admins to approve the request for additional licenses. 

Improved settings that allow company and team admins to set up options for how users can see and join different teams. Additionally, create hidden teams to ensure only users who are specifically invited can see them. We've also made it easier for end users to join teams on their own, without needing an admin to add and approve them.

Visit the Miro blog to learn more.

Quickly find the right board using Advanced Search

Now, you can search by board titles and descriptions to find the board you need. Use the Owner and Location filters to further refine your search results.

For our Enterprise plan users, you can take search to the next level with full text search across multiple Teams. We’ll not only display results for board titles but board content as well. Imagine finding the exact sticky note, card, or comment and opening the board in that very location.

Visit our Help Center to learn more.

Import Asana tasks to Miro boards as Cards

Available for Team, Business, Consultant, and Enterprise Plan users .

Import Asana tasks to Miro and invite your team to discuss, prioritize, and sync on the tasks visually in real time, seeing everyone equally engaged.

December 31, 2019

Summary of Product Updates 2019

December 19, 2019

Core Product 

  • Create meeting notes, project summaries, and board annotations right in Miro with Visual Notes

Starting today Visual Notes functionality is available to all Miro users. Visual Notes is a fully-functional text editor you can use to create meeting notes, project summaries, board annotations, and more, without switching between Miro and note-taking apps.

Watch our product video to learn how you can use Visual Notes with your team, read the blog post and visit Help Center for more info about the feature. 

December 12, 2019

UX Improvements 

  • Follow thread functionality now available in Feed 

Get notified of new replies in the comment thread you started or participated in via Feed. This way you won’t miss important updates from your team and will respond faster.

Visit Miro Help Center to learn more. 

December 10, 2019

Plugins & Integrations

  • Integrate Miro to your workflow via Zapier

Miro now is integrated to Zapier for easy connection with 1500+ tools like Gmail, GitHub, Airtable, Salesforce, Typeform and more. Check out the pre-made zaps or integrate the tools you already use with Miro to pull data from external tools to a particular frame. Integrate now

December 2, 2019

Plugins & Integrations

  •  Now you can import Asana tasks to board as Cards (beta) 

    This feature is available for Team, Business, Consultant, and Enterprise plans.

Please, note: this feature is currently in beta. Import Asana tasks to Miro and invite your team to discuss, prioritize and sync on the tasks visually in real-time seeing everyone equally engaged. Install now and visit Help Center to learn more about Asana Cards. 

November 22, 2019

UX Improvements

  • Export user data as CSV This feature is available for Business, Consultant, and Enterprise plans.

Admins now have the ability to export user data from the Settings page to easily track active users (including invited users) and corresponding data to understand their team membership, activity level, and more. The following fields can be exported:

  • Name

  • E-mail 

  • Status (Active/Invited)

  • Role in the Miro organization/account

  • License

  • Number of Day Passes used

  • Number of teams

  • Number of boards owned

  • Number of boards user has access to

  • Last log-in 

  • Last activity (opened boards)

  • Team memberships/team roles (e.g. Team admin or member)

November 20, 2019

UX Improvements

  • Share templates across multiple teams in your company

    Company Templates are available for Enterprise plan users only.

Now you can easily save your tried and true boards as custom templates and make them available for all teams in Miro. Build and share a library of best practices (on-brand presentation decks, standardized agile rituals, and more) so teams can get a head start on collaborating effectively without needing to start from scratch.

Visit the Miro Help Center to learn more.

November 15, 2019

Miro Platform 

  • Miro opens platform for developers and app-builders

Leverage Miro as the central hub for your work by integrating it with the tools in your workflow. Use Miro platform to create customized collaboration solutions by utilizing the power of REST APIs, web plugins, and embeds.

Visit Miro blog to learn more and start building your app today. 

October 23, 2019

UX Improvements 

  • Improved dashboard search

Find boards on the dashboard faster than ever before! Access three of the most recently visited boards right from the search box. Start typing the board name and hover over to see details without opening the board. You can also filter search results by board owner and its location.

Go to Miro Help Center to learn more.  

October 8, 2019

UX Improvements 

  • Enhanced video chat with built-in screen sharing is here! 

    Video chat is available for Team, Business, Consultant, and Enterprise plan users. 

We added screen sharing to our video chat menu for your convenience. Now you can instantly start sharing your screen while on the video call in Miro. 

October 4, 2019

Plugins & Integrations

  • Add custom attributes to Jira Cards

    Jira Cards are available for Team, Business, Enterprise, and Consultant plan users. 

Use our in-app Jira picker to set up custom attributes like estimates, tags, sprints, and many others for Jira cards you use on Miro boards.

August 26, 2019

UX Improvements 

  • Introducing Miro Feed – notification center designed to supercharge your productivity.

Always stay on top of collaboration happening in your team with Feed. Manage all of the most important notifications from your boards in one place without leaving Miro.

Read Miro Help Center article to learn more.

August 23, 2019

Plugins & Integrations

  • Azure DevOps integration

    Available for Enterprise plan users only

Embed Azure Boards work items to Miro as cards and visualize the big picture during large Agile meetings like PI planning, remote retrospective, backlog prioritization, story mapping, and more. Any change in Azure DevOps work items is automatically updated in the corresponding card in Miro.

Install and learn more

  • Miro marketplace got a new design

Miro marketplace is now easier to navigate. With the updated structure and useful categories, you can quickly find what you need out of 50 available apps and plugins. 

Visit Miro marketplace 

August 20, 2019

Templates & Frameworks 

  • Find the right templates for your team faster with our redesigned 

We improved the UX of our website template library , added 10 new templates, infinite scroll to facilitate discovery of relevant templates as well as new filters (“use case” and “frameworks”). We are constantly updating this section of the website, so make sure to check it out regularly.  Visit Miro templates library to see what's new. 

UX Improvements

  • Replace image functionality is available to all Miro users 

Update any image on your board effortlessly without affecting any other objects on the canvas by replacing it via URL, uploading from your device or picking from other images on the board.

August 15, 2019

Templates & Frameworks 

  •  Get more done as a team with Kanban Framework

The new Kanban functionality in Miro is an intuitive and fluid framework for high-performing teams. It allows you to manage work as it moves through a process, visually identify potential bottlenecks & fix them. 

Watch our video or read Miro Help Center article to learn more. 

July 31, 2019

Plugins & Integrations 

  • Miro marketplace redesign

Miro marketplace is now easier to navigate. With the updated structure and useful categories, you can quickly find what you need out of 50 available apps and plugins. Visit Miro marketplace.

Q1 – Q2 2019

Plugins & Integrations 

  • Embed Miro boards to Confluence Cloud

Miro plugin for Confluence Cloud is finally available. Embed live boards right to Confluence pages and let more team members view and edit boards there. Learn more

  • Meet new Jira cards

Jira cards got a fresh look. Also, you can add them now to interactive Kanban and User story map templates. Learn more

  • Connect Miro to Microsoft Teams

Embed live boards and receive important notifications about Miro boards in Microsoft Teams feed. Learn more

UX Improvements

  • Improved UX of the mobile app

Boards are now loading faster on your smartphones. 

Mobile apps look is finally consistent with our web app and got better UX for objects adding and editing on a touch screen. 

Good news for iPhone X, XS, and XR users: our app is finally notch-friendly. 

Get Miro app

  • Work with cards on mobile

You can open cards and see their description on your smartphones. If you need to edit cards, switch to tablet, browser, or desktop app.

Learn more about cards

  • Find boards on mobile dashboard easier

There’s a new look and feel for your dashboard, where you can now filter your boards by projects, and add boards to Favorites (starred).

Get Miro app

  • New board export experience 

We updated our export window to make it more informative for the users that need their boards as .jpegs or .pdfs. Now you can see the file type as well as the dimensions of the downloaded file before the download, not after it.

  • Expand file’s pages

The new way for your team to collaborate on documents or PDF files — expand any pages, lay them out on the board and leave comments directly on pages.  

Plan Updates

  • Business Plan

We created this new self-service plan for teams from mid-sized companies looking for a robust visual collaboration platform with enhanced security features. Visit landing page to learn more.  

  • Consultant Plan

A self-service plan for consultants and agencies working with client teams with unlimited boards, private client workspaces for additional security, day passes for occasional collaborators and more. Visit the landing page to learn more.

Miro Platform 

  • Customize Miro for your workflow with our Developer Platform

Build your own integrations or integrate any other tool from your existing toolset to Miro with APIs, SDKs, Webhooks, and iFrame. Learn more

User management

  • Enhanced user & content management 

The advanced user management in Miro allows Company Admins the ability to deactivate users instead of deleting the user from an account. Deactivated users stay in the account directory and can be reactivated at any time. Learn more.

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