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It’s time for one place to diagram and build the next big thing together. Create a shared understanding then do your best work ever with Miro’s suite of diagramming tools.

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More than 2000 expert diagramming shapes

Any team can find what they need, from Flowcharts and BPMN to AWS, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, UML, ERD, and more.

User-friendly diagramming for breakthrough-ready teams

Bring on the whole team. With an intuitive interface, anyone can access the latest info to discover new connections and be a part of the decision-making process — all in one space.

Let Miro automate your workflow

Whether you prefer coding in Mermaid and PlantUML or writing natural language in Miro AI, save hours of work by replacing manual, time-consuming tasks automatically.

Why diagramming pros diagram in Miro

Everything in one workspace

The team can easily review brainstorm notes, make diagrams, add Jira action items, and code snippets in one place. You can even use Talktrack to record video walkthroughs and get your team up to speed.

All diagramming tools & shape packs

From basic shapes to process maps, customer journey mapping, technical diagrams, and wireframing.

Never start from scratch

Bring existing diagrams into Miro with just a few clicks, importing from Microsoft Visio or Lucidchart. Or use ready-to-go templates for any diagram type.

Automated workflows

Transform code into diagrams with Miro’s Mermaid and PlantUML apps, or automatically generate UML and ERD diagrams in seconds by simply typing text prompts into Miro AI.

Related templates

Analyze and document your team’s processes and outcomes.

Visualize the potential causes of a problem.

Create a shared understanding of your Amazon Web Services architecture.

Model processes and map data flows.

Map how elements of your database interact with each other.

Easily model and design software by visually representing systems.

Miro fits all of your diagramming needs


Process mapping

Connect teams, optimize processes, and scale your business with Miro’s process mapping tool.

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Technical diagramming

Share perspectives, clarify complexity, and automate tasks with Miro’s technical diagramming tool.

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Create quick app and website wireframes, ideate on sticky notes, map user flows, and collect references. Do it all in one wireframing tool.

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How to make a diagram in Miro


Bring everything onto one board

Whether it’s new insights from a brainstorm or workshop, or a document that already exists, gather all the information you need to build your diagram.


Create a diagram

Start from scratch, use one of our templates, import diagrams from Lucidchart, Microsoft Viso, or Draw.io, copy existing code using Mermaid and PlantUML apps, or generate diagrams from text using Miro AI.


Refine and review

Drop in comments or record a walkthrough of the diagram with Talktrack so people can review it on their own time, with all the context on the board.


Present and make things happen

Add code snippets using Code Block, embed the diagram into your projects on Confluence, or define next steps using task trackers like Jira cards.

Diagram maker FAQs

What diagramming tools does Miro offer?

We offer a broad set of diagramming tools from basic shapes to process maps, customer journey mapping, technical diagrams, and wireframing.

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