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Propel your plans from strategy through execution. Run engaging kickoff sessions, build visual presentations, and manage and track progress collaboratively, all in one online planning tool.

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Build strategy, manage execution

Collaboratively build strategy and manage projects by combining your thought process and data in one workspace. Use Miro’s planning tools to develop strategy, align teams, and communicate plans across the whole organization.


Visualize projects and dependencies

Organize all your project tasks and resources in one place. Draw dependency lines, manage workloads, and make adjustments on the fly to stay aligned and on track. Easily visualize timelines and the strategic planning process from start to finish.


Present strategy and execute with the latest info

Turn strategic plans into engaging presentations with live dashboards, wireframes, and diagrams on beautiful frames. Give more context in real time, or make a board recording async and ensure everyone is in the loop.


Why Miro is the best online planning tool

Run strategic meetings

Facilitate strategic planning sessions where everyone can participate regardless of location. Generate ideas, discuss, and build plans in real time or continue work async. You'll never run out of space or get erased.

Present your vision

Develop, implement, and evaluate strategic plans and turn them into beautiful presentations with just a few clicks. Present live, or export as an image or PDF. Embed boards as visual documentation in Confluence, Jira, and more.

Bring agility to teams

Establish a culture of trust and transparency through visibility & inclusion. Structure your strategy in a way everyone understands, streamlining communication and workflows.

Save time

Maximize resource and time efficiency with cross-functional alignment, no duplicated work. Use Miro’s planning tools to automate processes and jump to execution faster.

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Visually build your strategy and help your team move forward.

Consider all the elements you need to create an integrated and powerful business strategy using our template for the Strategy Diamond Model.

Ensure that your team understands the direction to take and how to execute plans.

Manage your team's backlog, increase productivity, and build the foundation for a successful PI Planning event.

Identify the other companies you're competing with and how your product or service compares.

Help your team base important decisions on weighted criteria.

More than just an online planning tool

Miro is designed to do much more than just streamline your strategic processes. With intuitive features, collaborative capabilities, and precision in execution, transform your planning into an inspiring and engaging experience, and lead with confidence in any organization.

Strategy Development

Strategy Development

Propel your plans from strategy through execution. Run engaging kickoff sessions, build visual presentations, manage and track progress collaboratively, all in one online planning tool.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Understand the market landscape and anticipate opportunities and threats with a SWOT analysis tool. Make better-informed decisions and align teams on company goals and strategies.

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Project management

Project management

Unleash your team's potential and bring your projects to life with Miro, your all-in-one workspace for project management.

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Communicate timeframes, context, priorities, and deadlines, and create workflows that bring projects to life.

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Gantt Charts

Design projects efficiently and visualize all tasks in one timeline. Run engaging sessions, and manage progress collaboratively.

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Visualize information with Miro’s T-chart maker. Easily identify patterns and improve decision-making.

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Supply and Demand Graphs

Quickly create a supply and demand graph and get insights on pricing and the best way to target consumers.

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How to use Miro for strategic planning



Select the ready-made templates

From SWOT analysis to project planning and  Gantt charts, find all the resources you need.


Add data

Use the template frameworks to guide you, or simply add your data to the board. Include diagrams, notes, and context to your plans.


Invite others to join

Share your board link and brainstorm how to move forward.


Save it

Keep your board as the single source of truth, so people can refer to it whenever they need.


Planning tools FAQs

What are the most common planning tools?

There are many planning tools you can use to move projects forward. Every tool supports you at a different stage of your process, from Porter’s Five Forces to Balanced Scorecard and Ansoff Matrix. Miro’s online workspace lets you add as many frameworks as you want without any space constraints, making it easy for teams to have everything they need in one shared tool.

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