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Propel your plans from strategy through execution. Run engaging kickoff sessions, build visual presentations, manage and track progress collaboratively, all in one online planning tool.


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Unified strategic insights in one board

Integrate diverse data sources from cross-functional knowledge areas to fuel well-informed and data-driven decisions that contribute to a winning company strategy.


Power your communication with visualization

Illustrate interconnections between different layers of information and strategy. Visualize timelines, draw dependency lines, and make adjustments on the fly to stay aligned and on track.


Engaged and empowered teams

Supercharge engagement, alignment, and productivity with Miro’s interactive planning and collaboration tools. Gain stronger commitment to the strategy and beyond.


Why Miro is the best strategy development tool

Present your vision

Develop, implement, and evaluate strategic plans and turn them into beautiful presentations in a few clicks. Present live, export, or embed boards as visual documentation in Confluence, Jira, and more.

Unify and visualize input

Enable teams to analyze data and supporting content from different sources cohesively. Easily visualize complex concepts and identify gaps to devise effective strategies.

Align on ideas with ease

Facilitate strategic planning sessions where everyone can participate, regardless of location. Generate ideas, discuss, and build plans in real time or continue work async. You'll never run out of space or get erased.

Save time

Leverage Miro’s integrations and planning tools to automate processes and jump to execution faster. Use Miro Assist to generate ideas and cluster themes to speed up strategy creation.

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Get everyone aligned from the start and manage projects with ease with the Project Kickoff Meeting template.

Facilitate OKR Planning sessions and keep your team aligned towards your organization’s goals.

Review key metrics and results from the last quarter to show clients how your business provides value.

Use our five-day sprint process to help your team solve problems and test out new ideas.

Use this Presentation Slides Template to deliver impressive presentations that resonate with your audience. Add your own text, visuals, and charts to create the perfect presentation.

Determine and align your business priorities in a simple and visual way.

Transform your strategy development

Miro revolutionizes strategy development with engaging collaborative meetings and workshops, integrating interactive apps and seamless data exchange. By fostering shared context, organizing tasks, and promoting asynchronous collaboration, Miro accelerates decision-making and strengthens team buy-in for a more successful strategy.


Project management

Unleash your team's potential and bring your projects to life with Miro, your all-in-one workspace for project management.

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Communicate timeframes, context, priorities, and deadlines, and create workflows that bring projects to life.

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Gantt Charts

Design projects efficiently and visualize all tasks in one timeline. Run engaging sessions, and manage progress collaboratively all in one Gantt Chart tool.

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SWOT Analysis

Understand the market landscape and anticipate opportunities and threats with a SWOT analysis tool. Make better-informed decisions and align teams on company goals and strategies.

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Captivate and engage with Miro. Create immersive and impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression.

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How to use Miro for strategy development



Select a template for setup

Choose a relevant template from Miro's extensive library to kickstart your strategy planning. Customize it with data, information, diagrams, and ideas specific to your goals.


Collaborate with your team

Invite team members and stakeholders to join your Miro board, so they can contribute, edit, and build on the strategy in real time.


Host interactive meetings and workshops

Host virtual sessions, guide participants through strategy elements on the board, and seamlessly gather input and feedback for an inclusive and engaging strategy development process.


Present and share

Showcase your strategy with flair using Miro's interactive presentation mode, or present async with Talktrack. Walk through key points, diagrams, and data seamlessly, engaging your audience in a dynamic manner.


Strategy development FAQ

Miro offers a diverse range of strategy development templates to cater to various needs and industries. Here are some examples of helpful templates you can find: SWOT Analysis: Evaluate your organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to make informed strategic decisions. Business Model Canvas: Visualize and analyze your business model components, helping you refine your value proposition and customer segments. Product Roadmap: Track and align your product development from launch to maturity by building a product roadmap. Meet deadlines and keep focused on the whole process. Competitive Analysis: Compare your company against competitors, identifying areas for improvement and potential market opportunities. Risk Assessment Matrix: Assess potential risks and their impact on your strategy, enabling proactive risk management. Explore a wide range of strategy development templates found in Miro templates library or the collaborative Miroverse community.

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