Miro AI.
You and your team,

You're here to create the next big thing and we're here to help. Unlock the power of your ideas with Miro AI – your new launchpad for creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

Miro AI.
You and your team,

Get a glimpse of
whatʼs in Beta

With a host of useful features to kick us off, we’ll be adding many more to Miro AI in the future. Explore some of your new tools below, and sign up now to be the first to power up.
Mind map Idea Generation
Expand your thinking
Generate expansive, multi-branch mind maps automatically with mind map Idea Generation.
Summarize Sticky Notes
Sum it all up, instantly
Condense lots of stickies into one with Summarize Sticky Notes
Turn Natural Language to Code
Turn words into code
Create code by simply writing text
Image Generation from text
Visualize your words
Create images from text using Image Generation.
Generate user stories from ideas
Generate user stories from ideas
Break down big feature ideas into user stories instead of writing from scratch.
Card illustration
Much more to come!
We’ll keep enriching Miro AI with more features as we go. Stay tuned.
  • Sign up on the waiting list to get access. We’ll send you an email as soon as you’ve been accepted. Miro AI beta is available starting March 9, 2023. We’ll be rolling out Miro AI to everyone on the waitlist over the next couple of weeks.

  • Miro AI works with several board objects including sticky notes, images, cards, code blocks, sequence diagrams, and mind maps. Miro AI can also cluster sticky notes by keywords or sentiment. Visit our Help Center to see a list of the features currently available. FYI, we’re continuously adding new AI features.

  • The beta program allows us to gain valuable user feedback to improve Miro AI as a service. Share your feedback and learn how others are using Miro AI via the Miro Community.

  • Anyone can sign up for the beta program. Currently, we are rolling out to Teams on Free, Starter, and Business plans, and former Consultant plan. Soon, we’ll also include Enterprise and Education plans.

  • We are using multiple models depending on the use case, and of course taking advantage of the latest advancements in generative AI and language models. The data submitted through Miro AI is not used for any other purposes, such as model training, nor does it leave the EU. For more details, please visit the Miro AI Terms and Privacy Policy.

  • No, participating in the Miro AI beta is free of charge.

  • To share your AI feature wishes, discuss Miro AI with others, and learn how others are using Miro AI, visit the Miro Community.

  • The Miro AI features work best in English, but you can also interact with other languages. The results may vary depending on the language. Miro AI's interface is currently available in English. Over the next few weeks we'll make it available for more languages including (French, German, Japanese, Spanish).