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Expand your thinking, make smarter decisions

Quickly explore new topics and align teams around a single idea with AI-powered mind mapping and idea generation.

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Synthesize data and uncover insights with a click

Summarize and cluster information to uncover the most valuable insights from customer research, retrospectives, or workshops.

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Let Miro AI automate product development workflows.

Miro AI instantly transforms new or complex ideas into structured models like user stories, acceptance criteria, technical diagrams, and code.

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Why the most innovative companies trust Miro AI.

Everything in one space

No more tool switching. We’ve brought together a wide range of AI models so all your content remains on your secure Miro boards.

You’re in control of the AI

Admins and users can enable or disable Miro AI to fit their business needs.

Data is not used to train models

We do not train models using customer data, nor do our partners use customer data to train their models without explicit consent.

Enterprise-grade security & compliance

We partner with companies like Microsoft Azure OpenAI that offer industry-leading safety and security capabilities.

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Use Miro AI to speed up brainstorming. Reverse your thinking in order to find the solution to a problem.

Keep all your user research in one place, use Miro AI to uncover key insights, and collaborate with your team.

Look back at successes and failures in order to improve everyday practices, and use Miro AI to summarize and define the next steps.

Add AI to your favorite Miro tools


Mind maps

Explore new topics or deepen your knowledge by automatically generating mind maps.

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Summarize sticky notes

Condense one to thousands of sticky notes into a single, concise sticky note so you can extract key insights and define actionable next steps.

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Cluster sticky notes

Find patterns and trends in an easy, intelligent way by grouping sticky notes by sentiment or keywords.

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Technical diagrams

Save time by drawing complex interactions using AI to instantly generate UML sequence diagrams from plain text.

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User stories

Automatically break down big product and feature ideas into multiple user stories.

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Acceptance criteria

Remove the grunt work from creating acceptance criteria by instantly generating it for your user stories.

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Code block

Speed up the development process by generating code from text then have AI explain your code in natural language.

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Generate sticky notes

Create sticky notes to answer questions and keep the creative flow going.

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Generate images from ideas by writing text to create unique icebreakers and make workshops more engaging.

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How to use Miro AI



Discover Miro AI

Open up the Command palette (CMD + K /CNTL + K) to check out all the Miro AI features then start typing your prompt to get going.


Launch from right where you’re working

Whenever you see the Miro AI icon in the context menu, you’ll find all relevant actions in the drop-down menu.


Iterate on the content

After generating something with Miro AI, you can decide to “keep, discard, or try again.” That way you can iterate on it until you get what you need.


Share feedback

We’re constantly trying to improve our AI solutions so feel free to share feedback on what Miro AI generates.



How do I get access to Miro AI?

Anyone on a Free, Starter, Business, or Consultant Plan can access Miro AI by following the pop-up onboarding instructions in Miro, or visit our Help Center. Enterprise Admins can enable or disable Miro AI for their organization.

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