AI principles

Build transparent models that foster accountability
Establish trust by prioritizing privacy and security to safeguard customer data
Human control
Allow customers to preserve control when using our AI-enabled features
Fairness & equity
Strive for inclusive solutions that promote fairness and equity

At Miro, our mission is to empower teams to create the next big thing

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We understand that it’s not enough to simply deliver AI in Miro: It’s equally important to be guided by our AI principles. We aim to deliver AI that uses transparent models, builds trust, preserves human control, and promotes fairness and equity. We take this responsibility very seriously, which is why we’re committed to ensuring our employees adhere to these values and principles when developing and improving Miro’s AI solutions, and that we remain transparent with our customers, users, and partners as we continue to innovate within the AI space. By upholding these principles, we build trust among our customers, even those in the most regulated industries. Learn how we apply these principles to Miro Assist. All users can unlock the potential of Miro Assist while having the peace of mind that comes with secure and responsible AI capabilities.

AI principles

  • We firmly believe that accountability lies with those developing AI technology. That’s why we’re transparent about the models used, and hold ourselves and our partners accountable for the quality considerations of the models. Additionally, we uphold transparency in data practices, so that data is used only for explicit purposes, and so that customers retain full data control.

  • Miro places the utmost importance on security and data privacy, adhering to industry-leading global standards and policies, and continuously monitors potential threats to protect your data. We use data only as outlined in our privacy policy, or as explicitly agreed upon between Miro and the customer. Customers maintain full control over their content. We adapt to the ever-changing regulatory landscape to help our customers use Miro’s AI capabilities responsibly.

  • We prioritize customer and partner well-being and satisfaction, offering AI technologies designed to enhance their experiences, streamline workflows, and provide insights without replacing human potential. Customers preserve control by opting in or out of AI services, and we actively seek feedback to help our customers meet their needs.

  • By offering AI solutions, Miro believes it has an ethical responsibility to reduce unfair biases to individuals and their communities. We are committed to rigorously testing our AI systems, employing content filters to prevent harm while seeking diverse perspectives for more robust and equitable solutions.