Security at Miro

Millions of users and companies across the globe do their
best collaborative work in Miro. We hold ourselves to
industry-leading privacy and security standards and take
the responsibility of keeping your data secure and private


The security of your data is our highest priority.
With independent, third-party assurance, we are committed
to protecting both our systems and your data.
CSA Cloud Security Alliance
Cloud Security Alliance
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SOC 2 Type II
SOC 2 Type II
SOC for Service Organizations
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EU/US Privacy Shield
SOC for Service Organizations
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EU/US General Data Protection Regulation
California Consumer Privacy Act
California Consumer Privacy Act
General Data Protection Regulation
EU/US General Data Protection Regulation
National Institute of Standards
and Technology

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Key Security
and Privacy Features
  • Need Help with Compliance
    or Security?
  • Global Data Center Security
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • California Consumer Privacy Act
  • Third-Party Oversight
    (Watching the Watchers)
  • Payment Processing
  • Regular Secure Backups

Need Help with Compliance or Security?

Miro has a dedicated Compliance and Security staff, ready to assist you with the complexities of global data regulations, management, and oversight. We will help you navigate the global regulatory landscape.

Global Data Center Security

Miro infrastructure is hosted within Amazon Web Services (AWS), with regions throughout the world, overlaying and augmenting AWS compliance and security programs. This is designed to follow international security standards and regulations, while protecting confidentiality, data sovereignty and data privacy regulations.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Miro adheres to GDPR standards and is registered within the EU with relevant Data Authorities. Miro relies on the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) as a data transfer mechanism.

Miro customers who are data controllers can download and export all files and boards at any point in time. Your boards stay as accessible as you want them to be and under your control with administrative settings to ensure conformity and access when you need it.

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

Miro does not sell your data and is compliant with service provider requirements under the California Consumer Privacy Act. We're committed to work with our clients to fulfill any CCPA requests received.

Third-Party Oversight (Watching the Watchers)

Miro takes data security seriously. Miro ensures that our programs are audited under the SSAE 18 SOC 2 standards, with SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports available for customers and prospects. Additionally, Miro believes in full transparency — no hiding behind an auditor report. Customer engagement around security is paramount; it is your data!

Payment Processing

All payment-related services are provided by Stripe, certified to PCI DSS Level 1. No one at Miro can store or access sensitive payment information.

Regular Secure Backups

Miro customer data is regularly stored and secured to ensure the safety of your data. Accidentally deleted a board? Please contact us or see our Help Center for additional information on how to restore boards.

Service Uptime and
Constant Monitoring

We established a consistent uptime track record powered
by a reliable monitoring system that ensures select employees
are instantly notified of all possible safety risks.
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Security FAQ
Do you offer the same level of data
protection to all your users?
Yes, regardless of which Miro plan rest
assured your data is securely managed and
held. With TLS 1.2 or higher for transit and
AES 256 at rest, in compliance with GDPR and
CCPA standards, your data is secured to the
highest levels at no additional cost.

For advanced security, privacy, and
administrative controls, please contact us to
learn more about Miro Enterprise.
The content we create is very sensitive and we don't want to share boards outside our Miro account. Is it possible?
Miro Enterprise provides the following features to
help you ensure team members can collaborate in
Miro while maintaining security and privacy.
  1. Domain whitelisting allows you to set a list of
    trusted domains by whitelisting specific
    domains. Only users with emails in listed
    domains can be invited to your account.
  2. Link access controls allows you to to disable
    users from sharing boards via public link,
    ensuring only users who are part of your
    account can access specific boards.
  3. Domain control allows you to verify ownership of
    corporate domains and provides the control
    needed to maintain a centrally-managed
    Enterprise subscription.

Where do you store your user board
and account data?
Miro maintains all production data within the EU (Ireland) and US (Virginia). Additionally, all data transfers conform to EU/US General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements under the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs).

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