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Connect teams, optimize business processes, and scale your organization — all for building the next big thing with Miro's process mapping tools.

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Find gaps and improve processes

Map your organization’s processes using Flowcharts, BPMN diagrams, Value Stream Mapping, and Swimlanes to target specific pain points and better utilize resources.


Effectively communicate strategy and transformation

Visualize business plans and changes by mapping critical information then easily communicating it to your team. Save yourself hours by showcasing all relevant context with an interactive recording.


Document your best practices to streamline operations

Standardize and document the best ways of doing things by embedding your business processes and value stream maps into thousands of tools and websites such as Confluence, Coda, and Notion.


Why millions of pros use Miro for process mapping

Everything and everyone in one workspace

Teams can easily map customer journeys, review business processes, and keep track of action items using the Jira integration.

All process-mapping tools & shape packs

Find industry-standard shape packs for project management, customer journey mapping, and business process mapping including Flowcharts, BPMN, Value Stream Mapping, and more.

Import existing process maps

Bring existing process maps into Miro with just a few clicks. Import from Microsoft Visio, Draw.io or Lucidchart.

Share and document improvements

Use Talktrack to record video walkthroughs and get your team up to speed or embed your project roadmap or business processes straight into Confluence for stakeholders to access.

Related templates

Analyze and document your team’s processes and outcomes.

Map your customer journey to design the best experience and meet your customer's needs.

Optimize processes and scale your business.

Bring clarity to your processes and define roles and responsibilities with the Swimlane Diagram Template.

Define and optimize the various steps of delivering a product using lean methodology.

The Workflow Template makes collaboration easy. It allows you to track your project's status and see your team's progress right away. It's a great tool for remote and hybrid design teams.

Miro fits all of your process mapping needs



Map out processes, develop plans, and build concepts everyone understands.

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Customer journey mapping

Plan and build user journeys, discover wants and needs, and design stellar experiences.

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BPMN Diagrams

Business analysts, process owners, and IT professionals all can benefit from Business Process Model and Notation to optimize processes.

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Organizational Design

Organizational Design

Your employees are your greatest asset. Map out your organization to see the big picture and design for the future.

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Flowchart creation

Create flowcharts at speed and simplify your workflows and daily routines.

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How to make a process map in Miro



Gather the information

Whether it’s a Google Sheet, user research or notes from a meeting, bring everything onto one board.


Create a process map

Start from scratch, use one of our templates, or import process maps from Lucidchart, Microsoft Viso, or Draw.io.


Refine and review

Drop in comments or record a walkthrough of your process map with Talktrack so people can review it on their own time, with all relevant context on the board.


Present and make things happen

Use Interactive Presentation Mode to present to your team and stakeholders, embed the process map into your projects on Confluence, or define next steps using task trackers like Jira cards.


Process mapping tool FAQs

In Miro you can make many different process maps using industry-standard shape packs including Flowcharts, BPMN, Value Stream Mapping, and more. On the Help Center you can find the full list of shape packs.

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