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The all-in-one process mapping tool

Map out processes, strategies, and everything in between with Miro’s process mapping tool. Get ideas, develop plans and build concepts everyone understands, creating alignment and bringing agility to teams.

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Untangle complex processes, easily

Visualize and clarify complex processes, systems, ideas, architectures, and organization structures with powerful diagrams, charts and advanced shape pack libraries.

Minimize the risk of using outdated visuals and processes

Turn your Miro Board into a single source of truth where teams can find up-to-date processes and diagrams. Embedding Miro boards in company intranets and wikis ensure you minimize the risk of outdated diagrams or processes being used ever again.

Bring agility to your team

Miro’s process mapping tool helps you understand current workflows, what to optimize, and how to manage resources better. Create a structured visual resource to share ideas, show where you need to go next and how to strategize and implement your plans.

Why Miro is the best process mapping tool

From ideation to execution

Improve communication across teams by mapping out systems and processes from start to finish. Get fresh ideas and create an efficient workflow where execution happens seamlessly right on the board.

Iterate to innovate

Identify constraints and bottlenecks by mapping workflows and processes across departments. Miro’s built-in process mapping tool helps you to uncover opportunities from the get-go.

Built for hybrid and remote teams

Avoid confusion by allowing everyone to comment and give instant feedback directly on the board, and work together in real time or async, whenever you are. Miro’s collaborative features such as live cursors and sticky notes make it easier to frame ideas and capture feedback.

Plan and strategize like a pro

Shape your strategy, set OKRs, and track progress with Miro’s free process mapping software. Bring your vision to your team and align everyone to work towards the same goal.

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The Workflow Template makes collaboration easy. It allows you to track your project's status and see your team's progress right away. It's a great tool for remote and hybrid design teams.

Take project management to the next level

Have all the moving pieces in one place and turn your canvas into a single source of truth for product roadmaps, business processes, scenario mapping, and strategy planning. Miro is perfect for process mapping online, which improves communication and workflows.


Miro’s all-in-one diagram maker removes the hassle of switching between diagramming and collaboration tools while helping you check off all the essential steps of your diagramming process.

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Create flowcharts at speed and simplify your workflows and daily routines with Miro’s flowchart maker. Check off all the essential steps in your process, from alignment to making information actionable.

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BPMN Diagrams

Stay on top of your business processes by mapping them out with a BPMN diagram. Have a shared understanding of your business’ procedures and increase productivity across the organization.

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UML diagrams

Visualize, build, and document software systems and processes with a UML diagram. Design and communicate technical plans with a unified language that everyone understands.

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How to create a process map with Miro


Select the ready-made template

Add it to your board.


Divide your process into stages

Add them to the template, taking into account your goals and deliverables.


Set a plan

Based on your process map, draft an action plan.


Share it

Invite others to your board and request instant feedback to improve your processes.

Process mapping tool FAQs

What's the purpose of process mapping?

Process mapping is all about the workflows and necessary steps to complete your projects. It focuses on the stages and tasks of any given process rather than the hierarchies or assignees, allowing teams to identify task blockers and improve workflows and methodologies.

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How to document processes and workflows effectively


What is a process map (and how to make one)


What is a workflow process?

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