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Boost business growth with the right resources

Your organization’s employees are its best assets. Align strategy and resources with how your business grows by mapping and planning out organizational structure — all in one place.


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Visualize and plan out your organization's resources

Simplify organizational chart creation, share it easily, and collaborate in real-time. Or, do it asynchronously to save time on discussions, decisions, and updating plans.

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Make changes and updates fast

Move away from infrequent, complex organizational planning sessions. Instead, stay in the loop continuously and adjust business needs as the market changes.

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Easily share critical information

Get stakeholders on the same page by sharing and presenting organizational plans. Give them all the clarity they’ll need by incorporating relevant data points in your plans, all from one place.

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Why Miro is the best tool for organizational planning

Better alignment

When you give your teams a visual representation of organizational plans, it allows them to better understand what’s happening — leading to stronger communication and faster execution.

Increased efficiency

When you centralize organizational planning in Miro, teams can collaborate in real-time as well as on their own. The end result? Less time and effort spent in discussions, decision making, and updating organizational plans.

Easily design your org structure

Use our dedicated widget to maintain an up-to-date view of your organizational structure. And then update or adapt to changes through auto-layout whenever you need.

Grow sustainably

Give business needs the right resources by assessing the organization's current state and strategize for the future. Bring in relevant context and data to tweak as needed and scale human resources as you grow the business.

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How to visualize your org chart in Miro



Start from scratch or keep building

Pick an Org Chart template from our library or easily convert .CSV spreadsheets into structured, easy-to-manage org charts with Miro's native widget.


Build and strategize

Add as much information on your resources as you’d like, and analyze your chart to align your team’s structure with organizational goals. Bring in relevant content and data to analyze market trends, anticipate potential disruptions, and strategize organizational changes. Share your work with stakeholders and let them collaborate and co-design your organization structure with you.


Share it with the team

Embed org charts live into Confluence or thousands of other tools and websites to ensure the entire organization always has an up-to-date view.


Keep it as a living document

Maintain an up-to-date view of your org structure using auto-layout. You’ll benefit from simplified element arrangement, saving hours of manual updating that comes with scenario planning and/or restructuring.


Get on board in seconds

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