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Bring clarity to teams when onboarding new colleagues and reporting roles and relationships with an org chart creator. Discover how to effectively visualize information and easily inform teams across the organization.

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Simplify organizational chart creation, easily share it, and collaborate in real time. Save time by importing data from .CSV files and use auto-layout to arrange cards more efficiently.

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Why Miro's org chart creator stands out

Better alignment

When you give your teams a visual representation of organizational plans, you help them better understand what's happening — leading to stronger communication and faster execution.

Work more efficiently

Centralize your organizational planning in Miro and collaborate with your team both in real time and asynchronously. The end result? Less time and effort spent on discussions, decision-making, and updating organizational plans.

Intuitive design tools

Use our dedicated widget to maintain an up-to-date view of your organizational structure — then update or adapt to changes through auto-layout whenever you need.

Grow sustainably

Get the right resources for your business needs by assessing the organization's current state and strategizing for the future. Bring in relevant context and data and scale human resources as the business grows.

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How to visualize your org chart in Miro

Image of Miro's organizational chart tool used to visualize a vertical company structure


Start from scratch or keep building

Pick an org chart template from our library or easily convert .CSV spreadsheets into structured, easy-to-manage org charts with Miro's native widget.


Build and strategize

Add as much information on your resources as you'd like, and analyze your chart to align your team's structure with organizational goals. Share your work with stakeholders and let them collaborate and co-design your organization structure with you.


Share it with the team

Embed org charts live into Confluence or thousands of other tools and websites to ensure the entire organization always has an up-to-date view.


Keep it as a living document

Maintain an up-to-date view of your org structure using auto-layout. You'll benefit from simplified element arrangement, saving hours of manual updating that comes with scenario planning and restructuring.

Image of Miro's organizational chart tool used to visualize a vertical company structure

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“Miro helps solve one of the major gaps in product design: how to manage tasks across product designers whose projects are in different tools.”

Jane Ashley

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Org chart creator FAQs

An org chart shows how roles and reporting relationships are structured within an organization. It can be on a team level, department level, or company-wide. Depending on what type of org chart you make, there will be either a top-down approach to hierarchy – often used in more bureaucratic settings or a more organic structure – with decentralized hierarchies showing more departmentalization.

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