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Company Organizational Chart

Create a visual guide to the structure of your organization.

About the Company Organizational Chart template 

A company organizational chart is a visual guide to how your organization is structured. It will generally reflect reporting structure (who manages specific teams and people) and can be especially helpful for new employees to refer to as they familiarize themselves with your company. 

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Why should you use a company organizational chart?  

In addition to showing the relations between employees at your company, you can also use a company organizational chart template to represent the structure of different departments or corporate functions inside your business.

When to use a company organizational chart template? 

You can use your company organizational chart when planning employees’ career plans, managing HR resources, or any presentation you see fit. 

How do you use the organizational chart template in Miro?

  1. Start with our pre-made org chart template. Then, customize any elements you’d like, changing the sizes, shapes, and colors. For example, you may want to use colors or shapes to indicate people’s level of authority or department.

  2. Write the names of the people inside your organization, as well as their roles and responsibilities. You can either just leave it in written form or add photos or other images to represent each person visually in your company organizational chart.

  3. Invite your coworkers to collaborate in your company organizational chart template with you. Your company organizational chart can be a living document, and any changes you or your teammates make to the chart will be reflected in real-time. 

FAQs about company organizational chart

What are the four types of organizational structures?

The traditional four types of organizational structures. Functional: C-level is on the top of the structure, followed by senior management, management, etc. Divisional: where product lines and geography organize teams and people. Matrixed: people are organized in teams depending on the project/product they are working on Flat: where hierarchies are little to none and teams self-manage themselves. These are traditional company organization structures, but as we live in a more dynamic and decentralized work environment, those structures have been challenged and disrupted by new agile teams and businesses.

Where can I find a company organizational chart?

You can find a company organizational chart in our Templates Library or Miroverse.

Company Organizational Chart

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