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Highlight your team members and showcase their talents and expertise using our Meet the Team Template.

About the Meet the Team Template

The Meet the Team Template allows you to introduce your team members by highlighting their skills, abilities, and experiences. Anyone who joins your company or organization can quickly know who your team consists of by understanding their unique backgrounds.

What is a Meet the Team Template?

A Meet the Team Template introduces key members of an organization or team. It is also known as an onboarding template and represents your company or department’s identity. It is the first impression of new employees.

You can also use the Meet the Team Template in presentations to introduce internal team members to other departments and participants.

Every “Meet the Team Template” must include:

  • Details: Add essential information like employee names and roles within the company.

  • Summary: A brief summary of the employee’s current role. Alternatively, you can talk about their interests, previous work experience, and achievements.

  • Pictures: Include high-resolution photos of every employee.

  • Personality: Reflect your team’s personality with unique bios.

  • Links: Add employees’ social media links, typically to LinkedIn or Twitter profiles.

You can use a Meet the Team Template on Miro to customize your page, add a personal touch, and deliver a truly engaging experience for everyone in your organization. Use brand colors, design elements, and images to add flair.

Regardless of the layout you use, make sure the images are professional and high definition. Poor quality pictures leave the wrong impression and do your team a disservice. If you prefer not to use the employees’ actual images, you can use illustrations or cartoons to represent them.

The importance of a Meet the Team Template

Many organizations neglect a crucial onboarding step which is meeting the team. Here are a few benefits of having a Meet the Team board:

  • It is the first interaction you have with many teammates or leads.

  • It shows how experienced and talented your team is and shows employees how to build trust.

  • The template humanizes the team by showcasing their personalities or fun quirks and helps everyone in building a connection.

  • Allows everyone to know who to contact. For example, a digital marketer can directly get in touch with a marketing manager and ask them questions.

  • Adding to this, the template builds a layer of authenticity. Newcomers can verify employees’ experiences and achievements via their profiles.

  • Introduce team members and break the ice in hybrid, inter-departmental meetings.

Create your own Meet the Team Template

Let the employees speak for the company with a custom Meet the Team Template. You don’t have to start with a blank canvas and spend hours or days crafting a template. Instead, you can use Miro’s Meet the Team Template to get the design done quickly. Here are the simple steps you can follow:

Step 1: First, make a list of all the employees you want to be highlighted on this page. Include their names and positions. You can also add a short personal bio and accomplishments.

Step 2: Do a round of intros. Use the Introductions section to guide and facilitate this part of the meeting.

Step 3: Do an Icebreaker. In the Meet the Team Template, there are three icebreaker options, but if you are feeling inspired, go ahead and create one yourself.

Step 4: Define working styles. Ask everyone to write about their working style and how they’d like to give and receive feedback, communicate and do teamwork.

Step 5: Lastly, add a RACI Matrix and define roles and responsibilities.

5 tips for creating a good Meet the Team Template

A bland Meet the Team Template might not excite your employees. So here’s how you can create a great one:

  • Personalize it

Remember that this page reflects the brand and its values. A generic and bland template might be sufficient for a corporate institution, but they can still use funny pictures or quirky bios to add panache. A creative agency, for example, can showcase its design chops with a unique template filled with fun facts, imaginative illustrations, and animations.

  • Focus on accomplishments

Show off your employees’ achievements with pride, so everyone can see how your team handles projects. It highlights your capabilities while simultaneously boosting employee morale.

  • Get personal

Help everyone connect with other team members with fun personal facts and links to their social profiles. You don’t have to link to their Instagram page, but a Twitter or LinkedIn profile is great to mix personality and professionalism.

  • Add videos or GIFs

If your company has the capabilities, you can add videos or GIFs to your template to complement the text. For example, each employee can have a GIF of themselves waving, smiling, etc., with a short bio underneath. For videos, you can have employees film short videos of themselves.

  • Leverage individual pages

Create a Meet the Team Template that leads to individual pages for each employee.

Meet the Team FAQs

What do you write on your Meet the Team Template?

Your Meet the Team Template must include employee names, titles, roles, and quality images. It can also have a short bio, contact details, work experience, and accomplishments. A versatile online Meet the Team Template, like the one on Miro, gives you complete control over what to add and where.

How do you introduce a team to a client?

A Meet the Team Template is a great introduction tool for clients. It shows them all the employees working on their projects in one go, and they can use links to find out more about each employee. Alternatively, you can also hold virtual or in-person meetings with the client to introduce them to your team.

How do you write a bio paragraph?

A bio paragraph includes a brief history of their work experience and notable achievements. The bio paragraph can be in the first person, aka “I have worked with… “ or in the third person, “X has been in the industry for Y years and knows…”. In addition, bios can have one or two fun personal facts to humanize the employee.

Meet the Team Template

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