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Build anything together on Miro. It's free and as easy to use as a whiteboard, but endlessly more powerful. Miro is an infinite canvas loaded with tools designed for creative brainstorming and collaboration.

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Collaborate together in one visual workspace for innovation

Collaborate in new ways using our infinite canvas. Visualize ideas and build deep connections without the constraints of traditional and physical tools. Miro creates a shared space for brainstorming that gives you the freedom to work how your brain thinks and the tools to keep moving your ideas forward.

Think much, much bigger in Miro’s digital innovation platform

Think outside the digital whiteboard. Don't limit great work to just one dimension, leverage Miro's infinite innovation workspace.

Brainstorm with everyone, from anywhere, any time

Bring everyone together, regardless of their physical location or time zone. Fluidly move from physical to digital spaces in seconds using Interactive Displays, Stickies Capture App, and iOS and Android apps.


Empower all the voices in the room

Foster creative energy that you can feel with Miro’s engaging collaboration capabilities. Avoid groupthink with anonymous voting, stay on track with timer, and keep everyone participating and engaged with live reactions.


Ideas that come to you

Accelerate idea generation, cluster for insights, and summarize key takeaways with the power of AI. Generate pre-filled mind maps, providing new angles so you can refocus the team on prioritizing, refining, and following on to the next steps.


Express complex ideas with ease

From Sticky Notes and text to drawings, diagrams, and support for a wide range of files, including images, GIFs, docs, sheets, and PDFs, Miro has everything you need to visually express your ideas, map complex processes, and design cutting-edge products.


Spark creative thinking with templates

An extensive collection of templates for design thinking exercises, storyboarding, S.C.A.M.P.E.R, brainwriting, and many more classic brainstorming techniques. Miro's community of experts ensures you have all the tools you need for blue-sky thinking.


“We use Miro for whiteboarding during meetings, to visualize complex architectures and landscapes, and to collaborate. During meetings where some or all participants are working remotely, Miro provides the best replacement for a real whiteboard that I've found.”

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Edward Rousseau, Senior Manager, Deloitte

Packed with features for your most collaborative work yet

Group stickies with Clustering
Quickly categorize Sticky Notes, and sort them by tag, color, author, or based on selection.
Come to a consensus with Voting
With our voting tool, all teammates get a say, no matter where they are.
Express yourself visually
Express your ideas with emojis, stickers, GIFs, and rich image libraries.
Clock in fast ideas with our Timer
Keep track of time right on the board with our built-in tool.
Structure ideas with our Mind Map
Organize and communicate your thoughts with Miro’s robust Mind Map Template.
Draw freely with our Pen
Watch your sketches convert into shapes, notes, and connection lines, even on iPad.
Ideate with Miro Assist
Unblock and speed up idea generation with a single prompt.
Hassle-free invitations
1-click collaborator access with unlimited visitors on public boards. No sign-in required.
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Connect to your tool stack
Keep ideas moving forward by seamlessly turning them into actions.
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Hybrid work

Work together no matter where or when you work.


Map ideas, chart projects, and illustrate concepts.

Online Whiteboard FAQs

  • Yes, 100%. Signing up for Miro's whiteboard tool does not require a credit card to use. After you sign up, you can add a template from the template picker, invite unlimited team members to your board and start collaborating immediately.

  • Sure! You can share your virtual whiteboard with team members, add them as editors, or export your work as a PDF.

  • Miro's whiteboard is a zoomable virtual whiteboard that allows users to present ideas, collaborate both asynchronously and in real time. The whiteboard can also be used to brainstorm ideas, facilitate meetings, run agile workshops and classes, and so much more. Miro's Template Library offers hundreds of templates to suit every need.

  • Yes. You can access Miro Lite, the free online whiteboard and a simple version of the Miro whiteboard. No sign-up is required, and it’s completely free of charge. If you want to access more features, create a Miro account to get started.

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Collaborate with your team within minutes