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Team CharterTeam Charter

Team Charter Template

Align your team on your purpose and goals

About the Team Charter template

What is a Team Charter?

A Team Charter is a document that outlines your team’s purpose and objectives, as well as steps you will take to reach your goals. The Team Charter illustrates the focus and direction for all team members. When created collaboratively, the Team Charter is a great way for individuals to feel even more connected to one another within the group.

When to create a Team Charter template

A Team Charter template is useful when you’re first establishing a new team, adding new members to an existing team, or when you need to better align regardless of your team’s tenure. No matter what kind of organization you’re in or what stage you’re at, there are many benefits to creating a team charter right away.

The advantages of using a Team Charter

A Team Charter is important for steering your team in the right direction, establishing boundaries, and getting things correct the first time. If every member of the team is clear on their roles, responsibilities, and purpose, they can focus on the right things—reducing the risk of inefficiencies, misunderstandings, and duplicate work. 

Creating your own Team Charter from our template

Creating a Team Charter involves just a few simple steps. From setting goals and brainstorming to alignment and communicating your charter to partners, here’s how to begin:

Step 1: Select the Team Charter template

Get started by selecting the Team Charter template. Successful team charters are created when the entire team is involved. Miro’s team charter templates allow you to invite team members to join your board and collaborate. This helps ensure understanding and buy-in from everyone.

Step 2: Set your team's purpose

Set your goals for your particular team charter. Are you looking to understand the roles of everyone on your team? The team’s purpose, mission, goals, and measures of success? Let each person share their thoughts about why your team exists, what you’re trying to achieve, and how the team is trying to achieve it. Use the @mention feature or the video conference/chat if you need input from others remotely. 

Step 3: Determine your team roles and people

Now that the team is assembled and collaborating together, start by filling out each team member’s professional profiles and responsibilities. This serves as a resource the team can use to see who on the team is best suited for different tasks. Documenting your team's best skills can prevent issues down the road with the wrong team members being assigned to tasks they’re not well suited for.

Step 4: Brainstorm with your team.

This is the most important step in creating a team charter using our template. In real-time, brainstorm with your team on the following:

  • Core values

  • Decision making

  • Conflict resolution

  • Key stakeholders

  • Communication and tools

  • Accountability

These will help guide your team by serving as a lasting, iterative reference point.

Step 5: Customize the Team Charter template

Miro allows you to fully customize your team charter to fit your team’s specific needs. You can upload other file types such as documents, photos, videos, and PDFs to store all relevant information in one place. Synthesize the ideas and suggestions into a structured team charter. Get a round of feedback from your team to make sure nothing was missed and the team is aligned. Then share it with your wider organization.

Examples of a Team Charter template

Example 1: Sales Team Charter template

Team Purpose

To identify and implement new strategies and processes for the sales team that will ultimately lead to increased sales and efficiency.

Composition and Roles

Sales Manager: The sales manager will oversee the implementation of strategies and processes to increase sales.

Account Executive: The account executive will build personal relationships with the client and deal with daily client-facing communications.

Development Rep: The development rep will identify potential opportunities for sales and oversee the development of processes to more efficiently identify and qualify leads. 

Customer Success: The customer success rep will develop processes to ensure that customers get the most favorable outcomes with the product.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Our team is collectively experienced with selling various products in different markets and environments.

Weaknesses: The sales budget is relatively low and we don’t have many sales tools and platforms at our disposal. 

Example 2: Academic Team Charter template

Team Purpose

Combine various skill sets to conduct original research that builds upon existing research and tests various assumptions in other papers. 

Composition and Roles

Team Manager: The team manager coordinates the goals and mission of the team with the individual skill sets to accomplish these goals. 

Data Manager: The data manager oversees the acquisition and retention of data for the research project.

Research coordinator: The coordinator handles the day-to-day tasks involved with keeping the research team afloat, including scheduling and buying resources. 

Research assistant: The research assistant will help carry out daily tasks involved with conducting the research. 

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Our research grant gives us the leeway to utilize valuable and expensive resources, and coordinate with other research teams across the globe. 

Weaknesses: We have to comb through a massive amount of data and have minimal manpower to do so.

FAQ about the Team Charter template

What is included in a team charter?

A Team Charter template includes the following: the team's purpose, roles, people's professional profiles, values, and agreement. This template is an excellent way to create a team or project manifesto, where people can align on ways of working and consult when needed.

How do I create a team charter document?

You can create a Team Charter using one of Miro's ready-made templates. Make sure you add to your Team Charter the essentials: the team's purpose, roles, and core values. When using our template, Miro's tools allow you to customize and edit your Team Charter as you see fit, according to your team's needs and wishes. Our Team Charter template has a fully guided experience, with tips and directions for you to run a Team Charter meeting like a pro.

Team Charter Template

Get started with this template right now.

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