Go-to-market Strategy Template

Outline how your company will bring a product to market.

When you want to launch a new product or service, there’s a lot of thought and research that goes on beforehand. Your Go-to-Market Strategy is a document that captures relevant data and insights from your research and includes information about your target audience, marketing plan, and sales strategy. 

About the Go-to-Market Strategy template

What is a Go-to-Market Strategy?

A go-to-market strategy is the framework that a company follows while bringing a product to market. Go-to-market strategies vary by company, but they generally include a business plan detailing the target audience, marketing plan, and sales strategy. Every product and market presents different challenges and opportunities, so it’s important to map out your go-to-market strategy thoroughly for each.

What should you include in your Go-to-Market Strategy?

Your go-to-market strategy should contain relevant information about your target audience, marketing plan, and sales strategy. This can include elements such as guides to the buying center and user personas, values, the buyer’s journey, the sales funnel, and your approach to demand generation. While each go-to-market strategy is different, they generally aim to answer the following questions.

1. Who are your personas?

2. What is your value matrix and how does it impact your messaging?

3. What does your buyer’s journey look like?

4. What is your sales strategy?

5. How can you generate demand?

6. How can you create content that supports demand generation?

7. How can you optimize your growth using key performance indicators and other metrics?

Why is it so important to have a Go-to-Market strategy in place?

An effective go-to-market strategy is important for any startups. Startups grow fast, so you have to make split-second decisions that can have long-lasting impacts. When resources are tight, your teams can’t afford to be out of sync. If one team is working from a different playbook than the others, you risk burning precious time and resources. A go-to-market strategy helps you align your teams so that everyone across sales, marketing, product, and engineering is working toward the same goals.

How do you use the Go-to-Market Strategy template?

Start with our pre-made template, making any changes you’d like to suit your particular needs. Invite team members to join your board and collaborate. Use the @mention or video chat if you need to get input from others. You can upload other file types such as documents, photos, videos, and PDFs to store all the relevant information in one place. You may also find it useful to link to or embed other boards such as Personas and Marketing Strategy.

Easy to use

Easy to use

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Built-in collaboration

Built-in collaboration

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Seamless sharing

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