Timeline template

Plan design activities and other creative projects.

This simple, yet very effective timeline template was developed by our friends from Standard Architects. It can help you manage complex design projects by structuring tasks, references, and deliverables on a timeline. The timeline is an essential tool when you have a lot of work to do and a lot of things that depend on different people such as project managers, designers, and developers who are responsible for different parts of the project. The visual representation of the sequence of tasks helps everybody stay on the same page and facilitates collaboration.

About the timeline template

What types of projects should you use the timeline template for?

The timeline template is perfect for any project that relies on visual content. You may find it beneficial to use with your internal team and also to share with other stakeholders or external clients to keep them in the loop on your progress.

How do you use the Miro timeline template?

Add any teammates or stakeholders to the timeline board by sending them an email. Customize anything you’d like to make the timeline representative of your project. Any changes that are made will be reflected in real-time. You can add documents, videos, screenshots, and pictures and easily collect feedback through comments and @mentions. 

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