Outsourced Customer Support Team

Our outsourced customer support team acts as an extension of our existing in-house support team. We have decided to outsource certain support functions to allow us the flexibility and scalability to deliver the level of support our customers expect as we grow, as well as to enable us to provide 24/7 support, multi-language support, and deep industry expertise. Providing quality support is, and always will be, a priority at Miro. We have implemented an outsourcing framework that ensures our customers receive the same level of support and an equivalent level of protection for their data as before.

What data will the vendor team have access to?

The vendor team will have access to the same data as you would normally share with Miro’s in-house support team: the name you sign up for Miro with, your email address, region, the name of your Miro account, and any technical information you choose to share with the team. The vendor will not be able to access any of your Customer Content unless you specifically choose to include this in a support ticket. The vendor team will not make any local copies of your data.

How will you ensure our data is protected?

Because the vendor will process your data as a sub-processor, we have onboarded them in line with our internal policies, the requirements of our Customer Data Processing Addendum, and broader applicable statutory requirements. In particular, we have flowed down the same level of protections that we provide to customers, including robust technical and organisational security measures on the vendor. The vendor’s details, as well as details of our other sub-processors, can be found here. https://miro.com/legal/documents/Miro-Current-Subprocessors-List.pdf

International transfers

The vendor team is located in the Philippines. We are relying on the protections afforded by the new EU Standard Contractual Clauses (as amended by the UK International Data Transfer Addendum where applicable), as well as relevant supplementary measures, to legitimise any transfers to the vendor. In addition, in order to help you comply with your own legal obligations for international transfers, the processing is reflected in our Transfer Impact Assessment. Please contact us for a copy if necessary.


Please contact us for a copy if necessary.
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