Run inclusive retrospectives

Look back on what worked — and what didn’t — and come out of your retrospective with valuable input and ideas to improve processes and set your team up for success.

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Run better retrospectives

Invite everyone to look back on projects and identify successes and failures. With Miro, it’s easy to run a retrospective to discuss current roadblocks and come up with new, optimized workflows together as a team.


Why Miro is the tool for your retrospective

Include everyone

Miro’s visual collaborative platform helps create a safe space for your team to give their input. Make sure everyone has a say with the private mode feature, and invite your crew to work with you in real time or async.

No more boring retros

Use one of our ready-made templates every time you need to run your retrospective, or build one from scratch using our many editing features. Turn your retrospectives into dynamic sessions with icebreakers and other interactive features such as reactions and voting.

Cluster topics quicker

Bring agility to your retrospective meeting by clustering the stickies into groups. On your retrospective board, you can cluster by color, tag, author, keyword, and sentiment or create your own topic cluster. After selecting stickies, click on the Cluster object icon on the context menu.

Take action with tool integrations

Turn your retrospective feedback into actionable points with bulk conversion of sticky notes into Jira cards, and a set plan so you don’t get stuck on old issues. Easily assign tasks to teammates and track them independently, receiving notifications as soon as tasks get resolved by syncing your board with Jira, Azure, or Asana.

Easily follow up

Share your retrospective board so everyone can look back and implement changes to their daily work. Miro’s infinite canvas allows you to create as many retrospective frames as you need, documenting everything in one place.

Keep up with other Agile practices

Add other Agile practices to your board without context-switching. From your sprint planning to your retro, combine your sessions with existing workflows, syncing Miro with tools you already use.

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How to run a retro meeting with Miro



Collect feedback

And use the private mode to avoid group bias when adding sticky notes to the retro board.


Cluster ideas

Ask your team to group the stickies for each section, either by keywords or sentiment.


Choose the most pressing issues

And select which topics to dig deeper into.


Plan what’s next

Add the next steps at the end of your retrospective and schedule a follow-up meeting to check progress.


Integrated with your favorite tools

Ideas, inspiration, and intel in full view. Visualize marketing campaigns and client and prospect info to take action, and track tasks and status updates for the team.

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"Miro allows us to collaborate at a much higher level than we could before. We mine ideas for more information and go back to the board for retrospectives."

Marc Zukerman

Senior Director of Project Management at Hearst

Retrospective FAQs

Miro’s collaborative platform has many features that help you to run engaging, fun retrospective meetings without the hassle of switching tools to review the successes and challenges of a project, sprint, or quarter. Miro’s retrospective boards are easy to create and share, so you and your team can collaborate and track progress quicker than ever.

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