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Run integrated PI Planning events with Miro

Plan product development every quarter using Miro’s comprehensive and integrated set of tools. Run your distributed online PI Planning efficiently, streamlining prep work, aligning on dependencies, and focusing on creating engaging sessions.

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Set the stage for your online PI Planning

Run a PI Planning session that is engaging and actionable. From pre-planning to enhancing team collaboration, manage your entire big room planning with Miro.


Why teams choose Miro for PI Planning

Integrated PI Planning

Save time by pulling data through a robust two-way integration to import information from Jira or Azure DevOps using the Planner app. Say goodbye to switching between tools, and enable teams to focus on what matters. With Miro, teams can save 7 hours per planning session.

Reduce friction

Easily show connections between tasks and filter dependencies with the Dependencies app, without creating a mess on your board. Increase visibility during your planning exercises, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Bring everyone together

Connect teams with focused discussions, and run more inclusive PI Planning sessions with voting, breakouts, and more. Don’t forget to streamline processes with retrospectives and ensure everyone has a say with Private mode.

Communicate faster

Quickly make sense of information and initiatives with clustering sticky notes — and add connection lines to visualize all dependencies. Tag teammates when needed, request instant feedback and run estimations directly on the board with Estimations apps.

Improve productivity

Plan and track your team’s progress and projects all on the same board. Assign tasks, add timelines and run retrospectives in one central hub. Save time turning stickies into Jira or Azure DevOps cards, and run your PI Planning event without context-switching.

Share your vision

Create a dedicated space for executive summaries, informing every stakeholder efficiently. Easily map your product strategy, tying it back to your key objectives, and use the Planner app to bring your product vision to life, reflecting your roadmap as it evolves.

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How to run a PI Planning event with Miro



Set the agenda

Before starting the online PI planning, have clear objectives, goals, and timelines for the event.


Define the program backlog

It should be defined and prioritized based on the product roadmap, business goals, and user needs.


Break down tasks

Once the program backlog is defined, the teams should break it down into smaller increments, typically two to four weeks.


Draft a plan

Review your team’s capacity and align on plans and commitments.


Integrated with your favorite tools

Ideas, inspiration, and intel in full view. Visualize marketing campaigns and client and prospect info to take action, and track tasks and status updates for the team.

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"Miro makes it easier to effectively coordinate and align the work of many departments and product areas toward the same goal."

Damian Milczarek

Agile coach and Scrum Master at CD PROJEKT RED

PI Planning FAQs

Product teams run a PI Planning session to set goals, identify tasks and dependencies, track progress, and determine the product and business view and direction. Miro’s visual workspace helps product managers run their PI Planning sessions more efficiently, building on the PI Planning board with everything the team needs: agenda, program, ROAM board, and a team board. That way, Agile teams are able by the end of the PI Planning event to draft a plan and move into execution seamlessly.

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