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Collaborate with confidence, sync or async

Turbocharge feedback cycles, empower teams with unified decision-making, and fuel engagement. Elevate outcomes through Miro's dynamic toolkit, from interactive workshops to immersive video walkthroughs.

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Visualize everything in one place

Seamlessly consolidate all work and input on one board – from traditional slides, embodying your brand, to live data visuals, action items, and diagrams.

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Energize the team

Escape the monotony of one-way information delivery. Spark lively workshops and presentations with tools that make your audience part of the show.


Communicate better at scale

Guide and engage collaborators with interactive video walkthroughs, collecting input and refining decisions swiftly, without the constraints of meetings.

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Why teams choose Miro for collaboration

Presentations that involve and inspire

Transform presentations into productive dialogues. Harness the power of Miro's limitless canvas and Interactive Presentation Mode to create linear or nonlinear presentations that spark participation, invite feedback, and redefine engagement.

Master the art of async collaboration

Break free from real-time constraints. Create interactive video walkthroughs of your board with Talktrack, and guide collaborators to contribute directly to the work. Reclaim time for deep focus while staying connected with your team.

Action-driven workflow integrations

Bridge the gap from discussions to results. Collect ideas, make decisions, and sync action items seamlessly with popular task tracking tools like Smartsheet, Monday.com, Asana, ClickUp, Jira, and Azure DevOps.

Workshops that wow people

Empower participants with seamless access to creative tools and interactive apps — voting, timer, and private mode. Use Miro Assist to swiftly cluster input by keyword or sentiment, and dive into a treasure trove of workshop templates to kick start your collaborative journey.

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Facilitate OKR Planning sessions and keep your team aligned towards your organization’s goals.

Review key metrics and results from the last quarter to show clients how your business provides value.

Use our five-day sprint process to help your team solve problems and test out new ideas.

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Keep all your user research in one place and collaborate with your team.

A collaboration canvas for collective genius

Miro empowers teams to unlock faster, more engaged, and more productive feedback cycles for deep collaborative work. It’s a single workspace that allows anyone to run co-creative workshops, share interactive presentations and collaborate like never before.

Workshop facilitation

Facilitators get more flexibility and ways to read the room, making the online transition so much easier.

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Meeting facilitation

Miro gives hosts the tools they need to make online meetings feel like they’re in person.

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Online meetings

With everyone in one place, meetings are fast paced and high energy — and every guest feels included and heard.

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Captivate and engage with Miro. Create immersive and impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression.

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Async recordings

Record interactive videos, guide participants through your board, and capture insights seamlessly.

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How to use Miro for visual collaboration


Bring everything in

Drag and drop images, docs, and spreadsheets, or use Miro’s 700+ app integrations (including Confluence, Looker, Jira, Amplitude, and more) to seamlessly gather all resources in one place.


Bring everyone together

Invite team members and stakeholders to join your Miro board. Run lively sessions with Interactive Presentation Mode to brainstorm ideas, collect feedback, and build collective insights.


Seamlessly collaborate anywhere, anytime

Leverage Miro’s visualization power for crystal clear communication. Step up your collaboration game with Talktrack: create interactive video walkthroughs of your board and lead collaborators on a guided journey to contribute directly to the work, regardless of schedule.


Present with built-in feedback loop

Showcase your ideas in full context with Interactive Presentation Mode and invite participants to provide real-time feedback directly on the board, creating an instant feedback loop.

Miro for workshops & async collaboration FAQ

Miro offers a versatile platform that supports a wide range of workshops and collaborative activities. Here are some types of workshops you can run in Miro including: design thinking workshops, agile workshops, strategy workshops, user journey mapping workshops, storyboarding workshops, and more. Explore the diverse selection of workshop and activity templates found in Miro's templates library or the collaborative Miroverse community.

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