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OKR Planning Template

Facilitate OKR Planning sessions and keep your team aligned towards your organization’s goals.

About the OKR Planning Template

The OKR Planning template helps you run OKR sessions smoothly, with guidance on how to lead each part of the OKR planning process with clear instructions and pre-filled fields that you can edit as you see fit. When you need to align on Objectives and Key Results, leading OKR Planning sessions are a must. With this template, you can get your team aligned and focused on your business objectives and results with actionable items.

Keep reading to learn more about the OKR Planning Template.

What is the OKR Planning Template?

The OKR Planning template is a mix of six templates that together help you lead OKR Planning sessions. This template provides you with a framework that guides you and your team through the whole OKR planning process -- before, during, and after your OKR planning meeting.

The OKR planning template contains six frames:

  1. Icebreaker for the whole team

  2. Overview of OKR-setting goals and topics

  3. List of questions and answers

  4. Brainstorming

  5. Breakout group discussions

  6. Action plan / next steps

Who is the OKR Planning Template for?

Meetings facilitators and Team Leads can use this OKR Planning template to prepare for and run OKR sessions with their teams. Meeting participants can also refer to this template pack to prep for an OKR planning meeting.

How to use the OKR Planning Template:

The OKR Planning template is a framework containing six templates so you can lead a planning session smoothly and efficiently. Follow the steps below to run an OKR Planning meeting using this template:

  1. Icebreaker for the whole team: get the creative juices flowing and begin the session with an Icebreaker. On this template, the Love Bomb Icebreaker can make your team feel connected and appreciative of the strengths of one another.

  2. Goals and topics: at this stage, outline the meeting’s agenda and present any relevant information that you think you and your team will need for the session (for example, the company’s metrics, statistics, or an inspirational quote).

  3. Questions and answers: after the OKR session’s brief introduction, allow the participants to ask questions and raise concerns. Be an active listener and understand your team’s worries, as this will be very important for the rest of the session to run smoothly.

  4. Brainstorming session: here is where the fun begins! Brainstorm with your team what areas you should focus on for the next period. Use the voting feature and allow everyone to have an active voice and engage in the discussion.

  5. Co-create OKRs in breakout rooms: at this point, create breakout rooms and allow your team to discuss the topics from the brainstorm. After the discussion, they can come up with some possible key results and actionable points on reaching the company’s objectives.

  6. Next steps and OKR planning: define the objectives set by each group and clearly describe the risks and actions needed to achieve them.

And lastly, before celebrating the end of your OKR planning process, as a good practice for meeting facilitators, schedule a follow-up session to ensure everyone is aligned.

Miro’s infinite online whiteboard helps you keep everything you need in one shared space, making it easy for you and your team to follow up and consult the OKR documentation even after your OKR planning meeting.

FAQ about OKR Planning Template:

How do you run an OKR planning meeting using this template pack?

You can use the OKR Planning template to help you organize your OKR Planning process from end-to-end, allowing you to define your team’s and company’s OKRs successfully. When you facilitate an OKR session, take into consideration how knowledgeable your audience is. Do they need more instructions? References? Do they have questions and concerns? As a meeting facilitator, try to be an active listener and tackle your team’s difficulties. Use Ice Breakers and Brainstorm sessions to invite everyone to engage and be involved throughout the process, allow discussions with Breakout rooms, and collect everyone’s actionable points for reaching the desired results.

OKR Planning Template

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