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All your product development workflows on one powerful platform

Manage all your workflows in one visual and collaborative space, and ensure your team is supported throughout the product development lifecycle. Deliver customer value, and accelerate innovation with Miro’s product development capabilities.

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Gain momentum

Align and reach decisions faster so you can move from initial idea to out-in-the-world solutions at speed. Miro supports distributed teams throughout the entire product development lifecycle.

Bring clarity to teams

Bring relevant insights and work together to create a common understanding of the big picture and build higher-quality products ━ without wasting time.

Streamline workflows

Create consistency in ways of working for easier & faster collaboration across teams and functions, enabling you to solve customer problems together.

Why teams choose Miro for product development

Focus on what matters

Spend less time on processes and more time getting work done with built-in apps, technical diagramming capabilities, and a robust Templates Library that helps you align efforts. Run your team’s rituals, diagram processes, and wireframe products in just a few clicks.

Set your vision

Make org-wide cascading goals accessible to better inform decision-making with the Planner. Use Talktrack to communicate your strategy and continue to make progress, delivering products at high quality and speed even when you’re not in the room.

Co-create for and with customers

Make it easy for teams to run client workshops, interviews, and share customer discovery insights no matter where they are. Miro’s Private mode and Miro Assist features allow anyone to contribute equally to the product development journey.

Become the voice of the customer

Consolidate insights from research and discovery in a way that's high impact and visual so the broader organization can understand user needs. Circulate your ideas by inviting everyone to your product board, making work even more visible.

Related templates

Map your customer journey and help your customers successfully get from A to B.

Check your Product/Market Fit to identify how your product matches its user and market needs.

Keep large, cross-functional product teams aligned around your product roadmap.

Build better products with innovative and faster processes.

Strategically outline how your company will bring a product to market. Align teams and company goals in one shared space.

Use this workshop to break down new features, align on new product ideas, set a quarterly vision for an existing product, or conduct a 3-year envisioning exercise.

A solution for all your product development workflows

Whether you’re a Product Manager, Product Desginer, UX Designer, Engineer, Marketer, or even CPO, Miro is an online shared workspace that’s easy to access ― so that everyone has a common understanding and is aligned on the product vision and strategy.


Visualize your strategy across product teams, identify dependencies, and align on the bigger plan.

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PI Planning

Plan product development every quarter using Miro’s integrated set of tools.

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Daily standups

Run dynamic daily standup meetings focusing on results and actions.

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Work in one shared space, and move teams toward the same objectives.

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Dependency Mapping

Dependency Mapping

Simplify and streamline your product development with Miro’s Dependencies app. Map dependencies effortlessly, foster collaboration, and drive agility in your team's workflow.

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How to use Miro for product development


End-to-end support

Run sessions across the product development lifecycle, including Quarterly Product Planning, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, and Retrospectives. Visualize and manage work on a Kanban, or host large-scale scaled product planning workshops.


Automate work

Manage end-to-end workflows with Miro’s built-in capabilities for estimations, dependency mapping, private retrospectives, and scaled product planning, all complemented by powerful two-way sync with Jira.


Collaborative wireframing

Easily build mockups that allow for rapid feedback and iteration from idea to action. Design together everything you need and build the next big thing.

How Miro helps product teams

Miro provides a collaborative digital workspace where your team can brainstorm, plan, and analyze all in one place. With various templates and tools designed for product development, such as user story mapping, wireframing, and roadmaps, Miro makes it easier to visualize complex ideas, foster collaboration, and streamline the development process. Whether you are creating a new product or improving an existing one, Miro's platform is adaptable to your team's needs.

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