A Kanban tool for visual planning

Stay organized and quickly visualize processes with a Kanban tool. Work in one shared space, and move teams toward the same objectives, surfacing dependencies and anticipating what’s next.

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Create a Kanban board fast

Miro’s free Kanban board is fluid and highly customizable and helps you deliver great results as a team. Manage projects from start to finish while keeping things simple.

Why Miro is the best Kanban board creator

Quickly visualize processes

Use Miro’s powerful cards to add tasks with just a few clicks. Avoid wasting time with complicated workflows, and simplify your process using the default setup or customize the Kanban board according to your needs.

Flexible Kanban creation

Miro’s Kanban board has a flexible structure. Drag and drop tasks, and your Kanban board will reformat the cards automatically. Or customize your Kanban tool by color-coding tasks, adding more columns and swimlanes, everything to fit your workflow needs.

Explore integrations

Instantly sync with Jira, Asana, or Azure. Turn cards into Jira issues or import existing tasks from Jira, Asana, or Azure to your Kanban board. When managing projects with Miro’s Kanban tool, keep your existing workflows.

Save time with easy navigation

Use hotkey shortcuts to create Kanban boards quickly, and tag and assign tasks in just a few clicks. Reduce time prepping and focus more on your strategy and delivery.

Manage stakeholders easily

Share your work and get input from each stakeholder. Receive instant feedback with comments or stickies directly on your Kanban board, and iterate processes faster.

Focus on what matters

Simplify workflows and bring focus to teams with Miro’s Kanban tool. Improve collaboration by giving everyone task visibility, quickly predicting outcomes, and changing direction if needed.

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Optimize processes and improve your team’s efficiency.

Display and sync on tasks moving between the production steps.

Help your team embrace Agile methodology.

Keep track of your tasks and improve the way you work.

Boost your business productivity by mapping out the key steps in a process.

List action items and store and prioritize product development tasks to keep teams more focused.

How to create a Kanban board online with Miro


Find the Kanban tool icon

Click in Apps on the left toolbar.


Add cards

Click on the plus icon inside your Kanban board. Rename by double-clicking the card heading. Fill out additional information like assignee and due dates.


Add existing Jira tickets

Or turn your cards into Jira issues by clicking on the card and selecting the Convert to Jira issue icon.


Keep track of projects

Move the cards as your project moves forward. That way, you keep track of progress and easily spot any dependency or bottleneck.

Integrated with your favorite tools

Ideas, inspiration, and intel in full view. Visualize marketing campaigns and client and prospect info to take action, and track tasks and status updates for the team.

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“Miro helps solve one of the major gaps in product design: how to manage tasks across product designers whose projects are in different tools.”

Jane Ashley

Head of Design at DocuSign

Kaban tool FAQs

Use a Kanban board whenever you need to increase your production efficiency. The Kanban tool is visual, so it’s easy to keep track of tasks, streamline workflows, and identify dependencies. Many high-performing teams adopt the Kanban method, which helps them simplify processes and deliver faster.

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