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Reimagine Agile with dependency mapping made easy

Simplify and streamline your product development with Miro’s Dependencies app. Map dependencies effortlessly, foster collaboration, and drive agility in your team's workflow.

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Analyze risks faster with the Dependencies app

See the bigger picture: Miro’s Dependencies app gives you a clear visual representation of all dependencies. Now it’s much easier to show relationships between features, stories, and tasks so that you can filter and identify blockers quicker, ensuring your project runs more efficiently.


Why teams choose Miro for Agile dependency mapping

Great overview of your product

Visualize complex dependencies with Miro's Dependencies app. Multiple views and dynamic visualizations provide a holistic picture of your product development dependencies, enabling quicker decision-making and risk assessment.

Save time and effort

Are you tired of the endless cycle of manual updates? Miro's Dependencies app eradicates tedious manual work, allowing for updates directly on your Planner widget and to your system of record (Jira). By automating dependency tracking, you save valuable time and ensure accuracy, leaving more room for innovation and growth.

Reduce risks

Miro's dependencies app empowers cross-functional teams to collaborate effectively. Shared workspaces, filtering, color-coding, and accessibility ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of the dependencies and can actively contribute. Foster a culture of open communication and alignment across your organization.

Explore integrations

Miro seamlessly integrates with your favorite project management and development tools. Synchronize tasks, track progress, and maintain alignment across platforms without any friction. Leverage a robust two-way integration with Jira, and create dependencies in both platforms simultaneously.

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How to use the Dependencies app in Miro



Go to the Collaboration toolbar in the top-right of the board

Open the Dependencies app.


Click New dependency

Click on the First card icon and select a Jira issue from the dropdown or via search.


Select the Dependency type

Use Jira as a base (for example, blocks, clones, duplicates, or relates to).


Click Second card

Select a Jira issue from the dropdown or via search.


Click Save draft, or Save to Jira directly

Remember: Draft dependencies are saved only in Miro. You can create draft dependencies as suggestions to other participants and teams during planning exercises. Once they’ve been reviewed and discussed, you can then either save them to Jira or delete them.


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Customer stories

“Miro has many templates that allow us to understand the order of activities, envision ideas, map dependencies – Miro helped us move to a full-fledged plan.”

Marc Zukerman

Senior Director of Project Management at Hearst

Dependencies app FAQs

Tracking dependencies in Agile involves identifying and mapping the interconnections between different tasks, teams, or components within a project. Agile teams often use visual tools, like dependency mapping or a dependencies mapping tool, such as Miro, to create a visual representation of these relationships. This allows for real-time tracking and collaboration, helping to identify potential bottlenecks or conflicts early in the development process. By integrating with popular project management tools, regularly reviewing the project, and involving cross-functional team members, Agile teams can effectively manage and track dependencies, ensuring a more streamlined and responsive development process.

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