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Agile Roadmap Template

Make near-term decisions without compromising future work.

About the Agile Roadmap Template

An Agile product roadmap is an action plan for how a product will become a solution and evolve over time.

If you’ve been coaching an organization through an Agile Transformation, your team may be ready to try Agile roadmapping, to keep product developments on track. 

Agile product roadmaps focus on desired goals, outcomes, and context for daily productivity rather than features and timelines. Multiple teams often share the Agile product roadmap as a visual reference to prioritize tasks and stay aligned with the rest of the team. 

Keep reading to learn more about Agile roadmaps.

What is an Agile roadmap

An Agile roadmap (also known as an Agile product roadmap) helps teams reflect on their product strategy's viability. Change is constant with Agile roadmaps, so you can make adjustments when market competition shifts or you see changes in the form of value propositions and constraints from different departments or functions that you’ll need to collaborate with. 

Use your roadmap as a way to tell the story of how you see your product growing over a period of time. Get buy-in without overselling and keep your roadmap simple, viable and measurable.

Agile product roadmaps can be a more efficient way to communicate your product vision and desired customer outcomes. 

When to use Agile roadmaps

Product owners, managers, and Agile Scrum masters can use Agile roadmaps to align with their teams, track progress, prioritize their product backlog, and keep both internal and external stakeholders updated about any changes. 

You can combine an Agile roadmap with a product backlog to think big picture (strategy) alongside immediate needs (delivery methods). Both templates can work alongside each other when setting goals and defining outcomes, rather than one replacing the other.

Create your own Agile roadmap

Making your own Agile roadmap is easy. Miro’s whiteboard tool is the perfect canvas to create and share them. Get started by selecting the Agile Roadmap Template, then take the following steps to make one of your own.

  1. Clarify your product vision. Revisit your Product Vision Board to make sure you have a clear and inspiring future state of your product defined, and the problems it's trying to solve for your customer. 

  2. Validate your product strategy. A strategy usually has three parts: first, find your market and the customer needs you’re trying to solve; secondly, define your key product features and differentiators, and business goals can confirm how the product will help your company. 

  3. Build out your roadmap. Translate your product vision and strategy into initiatives and timelines. In this template, by default, the milestones are quarterly and initiatives are color-coded according to the function who has ownership. Edit the text as needed to reflect your own timelines and cross-functional teams. 

  4. Share your roadmap with other teams and stakeholders. When the roadmap is built, give your entire product team access to the document. You can also choose to invite team members from Slack or email if they don't already have access. Together, you can discuss dependencies, team capacity and availability, whether any timelines need to be reorganized and what your priorities for each initiative should be. 

  5. Focus on measurable goals for your teams rather than deadlines. Short-term tactics and strategic longer-term goals should fill your roadmap instead of traditional deadlines. To discuss what to focus on in real-time with your teams, try Miro’s live chat or video chat functions. 

  6. Review the roadmap every quarter and adjust as needed. Agile roadmaps are designed for teams to take a step back and research before making key decisions or changes. Remember that your features will evolve as you learn more about your product, market, and customer. Keep your teams and external stakeholders in the loops with any changes made – and check out Miro’s essential integrations if you need to make comments, upload files, or edit documents via other tools in your tech stack.

Agile Roadmap Template

Agile Roadmap Template

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