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Plus Delta Template

Collect constructive criticism on activities and events.

Use the plus delta template to collect constructive criticism from a group. The plus/delta format focuses on what went well and should be repeated in the future as well as which areas should be changed in future activities or iterations. 

About the plus delta template

What is a plus delta template?

It’s important to do regular retrospectives for yourself and for your team. But it can be difficult to distill a year or a quarter’s worth of information into a single meeting or document. What did you do? What were your wins? What would you like to change? Trying to come up with a list on the fly can be overwhelming.

That’s why the plus delta template is so powerful. Plus delta is a simple but effective tool that helps you engage in meaningful reflection on a journey toward continuous improvement. To complete a plus delta template, you make a note of things that are working and things you would like to change. You can then file these elements into two separate columns.

The plus delta template is a great way to showcase wins and learnings to your team, stakeholders, employees, and bosses. Use the plus delta template in one-on-ones, during performance reviews, as part of broader meetings, to help new hires ramp up quickly, and as an aid during quarterly check-ins.

What does “delta” mean?

Delta, also written as Δ, is the mathematical symbol for change. In this context, it represents things that you would like to do differently when repeating a process or event in the future.

The two factors of plus delta

Plus - Under the “plus” heading, write down everything that is going well. What tactics are proving to be successful? What strategies are working? Reflect on recent wins -- but also recent challenges. Did you overcome a challenge in a way that proved beneficial for yourself and for your team?

Delta - Under the “delta” heading, write down things that you want to change. What are some opportunities for improvement? How might the individual or the team be made more effective? Deltas should be actionable, specific, and measurable.

How does the plus delta format work?

The plus delta format is relatively straightforward: anything that went well and should be repeated in the future goes into the “plus” category. Anything that could be improved in some way goes into the “delta” category. You may also wish to organize ideas into low, medium, and high priority so you can focus on the most urgent items.

How to create a plus delta template

Step 1 - Make a list of wins from the year or quarter. Think about strategies, tactics, behaviors, and processes. File those under the “plus” column.

Step 2 - Make a list of things you would like to improve. File those under the “delta” column.

Plus Delta Template

Plus Delta Template

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