Security at Miro

We're uncompromising in meeting industry-leading privacy and security standards.

protection for all users

Whether you have a Free or Enterprise plan,
you and your board content are secure.

Secure board content

We know your amazing ideas live on Miro. Here's what we give you to keep them safe:
  • Audit logs let you keep track of events in your Enterprise account
  • Session idle timeouts make sure no one accesses your board content when you’re not around
  • Sharing policies let you control what domains can see your boards
  • SSO and 2FA are your first lines of defense in securing access to your valuable content

Secure board content

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Protecting your experience
Set up access rights with single sign-on, SAML 2.0, and domain controls. Get visibility of how people use Miro with SIEM and SaaS Asset Management integrations.
Your data, secured
All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Learn more about Data Encryption in our whitepaper. Download now.

Security FAQ

Read our security whitepaper to learn more

Request our whitepaper

Find out more about Miro's standards

Privacy & Governance

Miro’s policies, tools, and procedures are built to protect your data and help you meet global privacy obligations.


We comply with leading global regulations like GDPR and CCPA and are always keeping up with the latest regulations and requirements.


Here you can review the standard Terms of Service for all Miro users.

Any questions?

We have a team dedicated to answering all of your privacy and security questions.

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