MARCH 09, 2022

Regarding Recent World Events

A letter from Miro about our support for Ukraine

Update from the Miro Team

Miro is a US-based corporation, registered in Delaware, with co-headquarters in San Francisco and Amsterdam. 

- There are more than 1400 Mironeers working in 11 hubs globally including Tokyo, London and Sydney, among others.

- All of our executives, and the vast majority of employees and operations are located within the U.S. and EU., with a portion of our employees and operations located elsewhere in the world.

See this page for a full list of office locations.

We do not have operations in Russia. 

- As of March 2022 we closed our office in Russia. 

- We do not have any employees in Russia or Belarus. We have a team of 3 legal and finance contractors still in the region as of March 2022 who are supporting the winding down efforts and no longer have access to our operations or systems. 

- Any remaining contractors still in the region will be with us for a limited wind down period and no longer have access to our operations or systems.

We comply with all sanctions and are halting new sales in Russia.

- We are complying with all current sanctions, and will comply with all future regulations and restrictions from the international community, and will suspend licenses for any customer on the international sanctions list. 

- We suspended new license sales in Russia.

Miro’s investors are top global firms. 

- The vast majority of the company is owned by top, global institutional investors including firms like ICONIQ Growth, Accel, Atlassian, Dragoneer, GIC, Salesforce Ventures, and TCV.

- The remainder is held by our founders and employees.

- No state-owned entities or government officials have ever invested in Miro and Miro has never taken any state-sponsored funding or loans from any government entity.

- We have no affiliations with the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, or any other foreign government. 

Miro does not host data in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine.

- Miro hosts and operates only within the EU and U.S. on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) platform. No services are run from outside of the EU or U.S. based data centers.