Update from the Miro Team

We are devastated by the escalating war and human tragedy in Ukraine. We continue to call for a swift end to the war and a return to peace and we condemn the ongoing acts of violence.

Like many global companies in the weeks preceding this crisis, we worked through various plans to ensure that our employees, customers, and business would be supported and safe in the event of conflict in Ukraine – hoping that they would never have to be implemented. As we’ve watched the crisis unfold, all of our actions have been, and will continue to be, guided by our company’s mission and values and the regulations of the international community.

The Miro Team

Support for our Ukrainian employees, communities, and customers

Our first objective was to ensure the safety and security of our Ukrainian employees and their communities. Over the past several weeks, we have had a team of people in constant communication with our team members in Ukraine, providing emotional and important financial support as they focus on their safety and survival.

To help ease the hardship facing our customers and users in Ukraine, we are waiving all fees for their Miro service until at least August 2022. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to access Miro. They do not need to ask, we are simply extending this relief to all.

The care, concern, and support our team has shown for the people impacted by this war has been inspiring and a true embodiment of the values that drive our culture. As a team and company, we have also made a meaningful commitment to supporting a number of humanitarian causes addressing the unprecedented needs of the people of Ukraine and the more than two million Ukrainian refugees fleeing the country. Between employee-organized campaigns and corporate giving, we have committed and gathered more than ​​€1M to these causes.

Our operations in Russia and Belarus

We are a global company. Miro is a US-based corporation, registered in Delaware, with co-headquarters in San Francisco and Amsterdam. All of our executives, our employees, and operations are located within the US, EU, and APAC. Miro hosts data and operates only within the EU and US on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. No services are run from outside of the EU- or US-based data centers.

We are a team working across 11 hubs around the world, focused on helping our customers co-create and collaborate in meaningful ways. Underpinning that work is our commitment to bringing people together. As for now, given the circumstances, our Board of Directors has determined we can’t continue to operate in Russia in the same way.

Effective immediately, we are:

  • Closing our office in Russia. As a result, we no longer have employees in the country.
  • Pausing all new sales in Russia and Belarus. While we did not sell into these countries directly, we had been selling through a few resellers in the region.
  • Complying with all current sanctions, and will comply with all future regulations and restrictions from the international community. We are suspending licenses for any customer on international sanctions lists.
  • Continuing our responsibility to support our individual users and customers in Russia and Belarus who use Miro every day to ideate, collaborate, and create good things with distributed teams around the world.

We will continue to watch the developments in Ukraine, looking for opportunities to put others before ourselves, to be our best, and to do the right thing. We have taken true inspiration from the volunteers, organizers, aid workers, and everyday heroes all over the world who are making extreme sacrifices and leading with empathy and compassion. Our hearts and thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and all who have been touched by this horrible tragedy.

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