Miro opens Platform for developers and app-builders

Now, any product development team or agile transformation consultant can build their own integrations and apps on Miro, the #1 visual collaboration platform with over 3 million users worldwide.

The time has come to bring real freedom to the way unstructured work gets done. Say hello to the Miro Dev Platform: a toolkit to help you and your team improve productivity and efficiency through the power of Miro’s APIs, SDK, and embed functionality

Why we’re launching the platform

From the very beginning, we at Miro, have wanted to help distributed teams work as if they were sitting in the same room. Over the years, that vision has gained incredible traction—over 3 million people worldwide have experienced the same challenges and decided to join us as Miro users.

Of course, there are still very real challenges to helping distributed teams collaborate better. Tooling is incredibly important, and every company uses a customized technology stack to address their business needs. We’re sure many people know the frustration when tools don’t connect with each other, and the workarounds, context switching, and data matching that needs to happen as a result.

That’s where Miro comes in. With the first developer platform specifically focused on distributed collaboration, any team will be able to create a customized collaboration solution by utilizing the power of REST APIs, web plugins, and embeds. Now, teams worldwide will be able to leverage Miro as the central hub for their work by integrating with all the tools in their workflow.

We’re excited to share this opportunity to build new collaboration solutions for teams around the globe, whether it’s to help in UX design and research, product management, agile transformation, and workflow automation. If you have specific collaboration challenges, try the Miro Dev Platform’s tools to fill any gaps in your team’s workflow and get started in minutes.

Try the Miro Platform

Key components of Miro’s Dev Platform


to manage users, boards, widgets on boards


to build your own Miro interface and board automation

Live Embed

to embed Miro into any business app you’re building

Here are some examples of what you can do with the developer platform

Product management integrations

to help teams work on boards with data from task trackers and databases.

For example, game dev company Gopokyo built a Todoist integration to sync task lists with boards that creates task visibility for the whole company.

Research and design automation

to cluster data with machine learning algorithms, find insights, and present them to teams and stakeholders, all in one place.

Several design and digital agencies have automated delivery of demo materials to their clients for faster and more actionable feedback through apps that automatically build UX flows out of visuals uploaded to a specific server.

Agile ceremonies and workshops

could become much easier if more communication tools are integrated. Have you ever needed a bot that would take you through a retrospective or sprint planning, for example?

One of our customers completely automated their project syncs through a set of apps: Github issues import and export and dependency diagrams builder, where statuses and links between tasks updated automatically.

Board automation

Maybe you’d like to build out certain widgets – for example, sticky notes of any color, a code highlighter, or a connection highlighter. You can make a plugin for that!

Who is the developer platform for?

Whether you’re a vendor, independent developer, or a Miro user, there’s a place for you with the Miro Dev Platform.

For Miro users, you can now build your own tools and automation that will integrate Miro more deeply into your workflow. Here are some simple things to start with, like our template builder and widget counters. You can build on top of our platform to help your team be more focused and effective.

For all the developers out there, we want to be the platform for your next solutions. Do you make plugins or integrations? Do you have an idea for workflow automation but are not sure how to promote it? We invite independent developers to submit apps to our marketplace. You can offer your app for free, or create a subscription model for it. We’re open to talking about ideas—what to build, how to build it, and tailor the APIs if needed. Start here, and let us know how things are going.

Are you a business app vendor, looking for collaboration experience integrations and workflow enhancements? Let’s talk. We already integrate with Atlassian, Microsoft, and Google Suite, and are always open to new opportunities for our users.

And yes, we’re drinking our own champagne. We’ve tested our own developer platform with some of the integrations we’ve built in the last year:

The Noun Project

MS Teams bot


Azure cards

What’s next?

All you need to get started is a sandbox Developer Team account. After that, you can start testing API calls and run test commands in your browser console. Jumpstart using our developer guides to build your first Miro app for your own team, or for millions of Miro users.

Whether you’re looking to streamline Miro’s UX, build an app for fun, or to create a new business opportunity, the Miro Dev Platform can provide all that and more. Try out the platform today.

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